Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's raining!!!...yes, rain in Cabo

Hi guys,

For the anglers that are new in Cabo, you need to know that we only get rain maybe 10 days a year, and today, was one of those days.

There is a tropical depression "Douglas" passing by, about 203 nautical miles from La Paz, and going north west at a speed of 07 knots. Winds of 20 knots with gusts of 35 knots, which according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center's website will be the strongest winds of this depression and that will be on July 3rd midnight.

Adriana's first Panga Trip

Hi there anglers,

I want to share my fishing experience in the new marina Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we meet our dock master Mario in Puerto Los Cabos, our captain Modesto was already waiting for us, we had arranged some drinks, snacks and of course a bunch of live bait. We had at least 50 sardines in the bait well!! when you walk through the marina slips you can see live bait swimming all over the place just waiting to be caught it is incredible.. We went out only for two hours early in the morning, the water conditions were perfect, flat as a lake. Captain started to throw the live bait behind us "chimiando la carnada" he said it's called in Spanish, to attract the fish, the rods and lines set up and ready to catch fish..The action started with baby roosters, one after another, Pepe (my nephew) and I had double hook ups many times...we even had to work out the lines as the sierras (Spanish mackerel) and rooster were so many they were getting tangled moving all the time in the water.

We caught and release about 10 roosters and we kept the sierras for a good fried fillet, we did good! we enjoyed the time wit captain Modesto with his clean, new and fast panga, a Josefino captain (local captain) who knows all kind of all stories. After arriving to the marina the fillet guy is ready to do a fantastic job with our fish.

Happy anglers enjoying their catch...