Friday, August 28, 2009

Angler Report by Tricia Rachfall

Hot, hot, hot is the best way to describe the weather in Cabo for our week long visit. We have been to Cabo 4 times in the last 22 years, the first time being for our honeymoon, the last time 2 years ago as a 20 year celebration. We’ve always gone fishing and had great success and we’ve always golfed too. This trip we decided that we can golf anywhere but we can’t fish for Dorado and Marlin in very many places so we left the clubs at home and settled on two days of fishing. After cruising the web prior to our departure, I was most impressed with Pisces and decided to head to their office on the first day of our trip. Every boat had great write ups and sounded like they would be great choices. We did know that we wanted a big enough boat that could get us to the fish fast and gave us lots of room to fight the big one! Little did we know that we would really need that
space. We settled on La Brisa with Captain Rey Winkler and Salvador.
The awesome 31 foot boat had room to sit, room to recline and room to walk – great!

Day one saw us heading out early. Immediately when we put in our lines, we brought aboard a small dorado. We had agreed that Dirk
would bring in the first fish. Next to hit was a 130 lb Striped
Marlin. This was my fish! I have landed dorados, tunas, and a sailfish but never a marlin. It was very exciting and he put on a great show. We saw many other stripers but none would take our hook.

At 1pm, the excitement really began! While I was looking elsewhere, Dirk saw a fish come out of the water and take hold of the closest squid plug and then was gone. The rod danced, the crew jumped and the next thing there was a fish dancing across the water about 60 yards off the side of the boat. I didn’t think it was the same fish that was on our line as it was now dancing beside our boat in the same direction about 80 yards away. Since it was fish number 3, it was Dirk’s to bring in. Well, away we go, it was our fish and as Salvador exclaimed “it’s a blue!” After the initial dancing, the fish went way down and we never saw him again until he was beside the boat being hauled in. This was a BIG fish. Turns out all estimated it at over 300 lbs. It was strapped to the back of the boat and after an hour of fighting it, we turned in and headed for home.

After lots of pictures and congratulations by many fishermen and observers, we turned the fish over to the crew who had it hauled away and filleted for the team. Afterwards while sitting on the boardwalk having a well deserved drink, we saw many a person go by with a bag of fish – we wanted to say “that’s our fish!”

Day two, after a day of recovery by the pool, we set out again. The waters were so calm and we flew along to the fishing grounds. The day started pretty much the same as day one except the first dorado was a
35 lber that I brought in. Great fish that we later had filleted with us having some sent to a local restaurant (Captain Tony’s) which was excellent! Another couple of hours later, and after out racing and casting several other boats, Salvador expertly hooked a striped marlin of about the same size as the day before and Dirk had another Marlin which we again released. The day was going similar to the previous trip that I was now awaiting for my Blue marlin to hit. It didn’t have the fairy tale ending this time. We didn’t catch anymore, I think it was to do with the wonderful calm water, great for fishing, not so good for catching!

Overall we had a wonderful fishing experience. We’ve been on many boats and if you’re deciding on going bigger or smaller, bigger is worth every dollar. Our crew was fantastic, Capt’n Rey, Salvador and Rey Jr., and the other pleasant surprise was the great people in the office and on the dock for check in and when we returned.

Thank you guys, you made us feel like part of the Pisces family. We will most definitely choose Pisces on our next fishing adventure in Cabo.
Dirk & Tricia Rachfall, Vancouver, Canada

Flying Dorado

A flying dorado, looking like it is wearing lipstick, but hang on it's a taken by Mario BaƱaga aboard Valerie Aug 23