Friday, September 03, 2010

Fishing news

Chic McSherry from Scotland was out yesterday on the Valerie, fishing alone (well crew was there of course, Captain Roberto Sandez & Ernesto Alonso, deckhand) and had our first double black marlin day of the year.

They went to the 11.50 spot in the Sea of Cortez, early in day they hooked a 120 lb striped marlin on live bait, which gave a great show jumping all over the place, before it was successfully released. The put the lures back in and out of nowhere a black marlin crashed on the outrigger lure……almost spooling him the fish ran fast, but Chic was able to subdue it within half an hour and managed to release the fish estimated at 250 lbs. The lures went back in again and they hooked a striped marlin, which came off, but the lures were put out again….and they were slammed on the center lure by another black marlin –this aggressive fish came towards the boat flat out “like a guided missile” said Chic, causing the captain to gun the boat to keep tension on the line. After about 25 minutes they had the fish to the boat, the lure had double hooks which had sandwiched both the bottom and top jaw making it very difficult to remove the lure. They struggled for ten minutes to release the fish, they managed to get one hook out, the fish lunged and cut the deckhands arm with his bill , prompting the decision to take the fish before anybody else got hurt. Back at the dock the fish weighed 200 lbs……Chic is a hard core angler that loves to release fish but will not put the crew in danger, hence his decision.