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Cabo Fishing Tournaments Fall 2015 - Book Your Charter Now



October 13 – 17, 2015 

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is a three-day big-fish team event with honors going to the team that tallies the most points per pound – prize money goes to the top three teams. A trophy and a smaller cash prize is awarded to the boat releasing the most billfish.  The 2012 event was won with a 487lb black marlin that swept the daily jackpots, levels one thru three.  Total winnings for team Bill Collector was $167,877.50 along with an invitation to the 2013 IGFA Offshore World Championship to be held in May in beautiful Quepos, Costa Rica. 

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October 16 – 18, 2015 

The second of three Bisbee events in southern Baja, the Los Cabos Offshore tournament takes place a few days prior to the multi-million dollar Black and Blue.  Many teams that fish the big one fish this as well – it's the prefect "pre-fishing" opportunity.  In 2013, the tourney attracted 80 teams and 466 anglers with nearly $500,000 in prize money up for grabs.  The team aboard Chupacabra came away with top honors for their 583lb blue marlin and a check for $206,973.  Second place went to Sneak Attack with a 565lb blue for $189,837.

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October 20 – 24, 2015 

The big daddy of the them all has paid out big over it's 30+ year history.... two checks come to mind.  In 2006 team Bad Company took it all with a check for over $3.9 Million.  In 2012, team Frantic Pace did the same to the tune of nearly $2.5 Million.  Sure, risking over $60,000 to enter across the board stings, but I bet hoisting a check as big as those takes the pain away quick!  Now, you don't need to enter across the board, base entry fee is $5,000 and that can still make for a big payday. 

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November 4 – 7, 2015 

$432,000 paid out to nine teams in 2010.  $438,000 and 108 teams in 2011.  What did 2013 hold?  How about a field of 121 teams and prize money of nearly $600,000!!  Yep, the WON Tuna Jackpot just keeps getting bigger and better.  How so?  Well, 2012's tourney is being called the greatest tuna fishing tourney ever held in Los Cabos – it was certainly a record breaker by virtue of the number of big fish.  A 372lb cow was the overall winner followed by 11 fish that tipped the scales at over 200lbs. 

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All our boats have been already booked for this tournament. 

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Tragedy at the East Cape Bisbee

Tragedy at the East Cape Bisbee:  It wasn’t widely publicized, but the recent East Cape Bisbee ended on a tragic note for team Ardilla Ciega (Blind Squirrel).  The sixty-one boat event enjoyed active fishing but still no qualifying marlin had come to the scale at the start of the third and final day.  Fifty-three year old Andy Wickward worked aboard the well known 72 f Donzi sport fisher, Tiger Spirit as the engineer and was no stranger to tournament fishing as this impressive boat is always at the starting line in all the tournaments.  This year though Andy wanted to fish the Bisbee his way on his own boat, he wanted to prove it’s not about the size of the boat; he could win this, on his boat, his way.  He and teammates Gregorio Liera and Sergio Cota left Cabo and made their way up to the East Cape with his 22 ft. panga Ardilla Ciega and were out there fishing the tournament under blazing hot skies. 

They finally hooked up a nice black marlin, definitely a qualifier.  Andy managed to get the fish to the boat and was surely ecstatic, no qualifying fish had been caught;  they were going to win the Bisbee’s; a dream fulfilled!  Just after the mate had gaffed the fish, they turned to see Andy slumped over and unresponsive.  Gregorio & Sergio, tried to revive him, but to no avail.  It appeared he had suffered a massive heart attack.  It was a very subdued Ardilla Ciega team that made their way back to the event site.  The organizers had been informed ahead of time by radio of what had happened and sensitively had an area cordoned off & tented, away from the main area, as Andy was brought ashore.  Andy died doing what he had loved and believing that he had won the tournament; you could see how devastated the team members were as they held up a photo of Andy fishing, accepting the award with the team captain absent from the stage.  Our condolences go out to Andy’s family, teammates and friends. The fish however, did not end up being the winner – not long after this black marlin was boated angler John Peelman landed a 409 lb. blue marlin aboard his vessel Hot Rod which netted his team $366,531.00.  Hot Rod, a 40 ft. Cabo Flybridge is now available for charter through Pisces Sportfishing.