Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beautiful Tuna Trio

Here are the photos from our second day October 9th on C-Rod. We had a great trip and ended up with 150 lbs of fillets. Thanks for helping set this up. Captains were great both days.
The photo with the big tuna and the guy with the beard is Michael Hearn. The other photo with all of us is in it are, from left to right, Kyle Estes, Greg Hearn, Michael Hearn and Ryan Carel.
We got the smaller tuna on a cedar plug about an hour after sunrise. Then we trolled around and found a huge pod of dolphins. On the second pass through the dolphin pod we got hit on four of the five lines in the water. We lost one setting the hook but were still tripled up with 100 lb tuna on three of the lines. After a short fight one of the tuna got off by spitting the hook. About 25 minutes later Ryan Carel got his in the boat. It was caught with a trolling lure. Then the battle continued on for Michael Hearn and his fish of a lifetime. He battled for about 70 for 90 minutes. We saw color at the boat five times but the fish would take off running every time he saw the gaff. Once it stopped fighting we all cheered as if finally surfaced and was put in the boat, also caught with a trolling lure.
Thanks Again

Greg Hearn, Orange County, California (Michael Hearn pictured here)
October 11th, 2010