Friday, August 08, 2008

Monster marlin caught...

Hi anglers,

We had rumors of a 900 lbs blue marlin caught at the East Cape, now, we can confirm that.

The fish was caught on July 3rd and weighted 898 lbs 25 miles off of the East Cape. Angler
was Jim Schubert from Clovis, California. Believe it or not this fish was caught from a PANGA…..the tackle was 60 lb test spooled on a Senator 112H and the monster fish took a Zuker blood orange lure with some brown.

The fight lasted three and half hours, during which Jim had to contend with a couple of monsoon type downpours and 25 foot swells, though he told me the rain sure felt good to cool him off.

Captain Chuy did a good job whilst motoring the “Rude Baby” and called his brother on a larger boat once the fish was gaffed to try and help them get the fish to shore, however the task proved impossible and they ended up tying the huge fish to the side of the panga and motoring in slowly, taking over three hours to get back.

This is the largest marlin caught in Baja to our knowledge for at least fifteen years.

Well done Jim, you are some angler!

Here you can appreciate the length of this magnificent creature, though it’s sad to see it dragged thru the sand.