Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Tracy Ann Gets This Anglers Vote

Larry Dunsmoor had a great time on Tracy Ann  recently. He sent us this brief note along with some great pictures, which give you a better idea of how his day went. Not only did he have great fishing but he got to see a large school of dolphins, often an added attraction on Cabo fishing trips. It is amazing to see these fast swimming creatures in their natural environment.

"We spent a day on the Tracy Ann in March, great boat, great crew. I promised Captain Julio some pictures of the marlin he got for us. They are attached. Thanks for your hospitality, and for showing us the wonder and beauty of Baja and its oceans. Please feel free to use any of these pictures on your web site.
Thanks again!"

Larry Dunsmoor
Senior Aquatics Biologist
Klamath Tribes

Fish Report Update

April 8th to 15th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 77.42 % For All Species Combined

BILLFISH: Marlin catches were steady this week with twenty three percent of our boats releasing striped marlin, despite that many of the anglers are still going for the inshore action to have some fillets for dinner. Anglers who tried for marlin at least they saw a few jumping or they throw them bait, but they simply where not hungry. One of the best day was on the 10th for Rod and Elliot Beckstrom from Palo Alto, CA as they were lucky to released three striped marlin aboard “Tracy Ann”; they released them at twenty eight miles by the 11:50 spot and the fish took a combination of lure and live bait caballito. “Adriana” had a triple marlin day on the 15th, Jason Rasberry from Raton Rouge, LA had a envy day as he came to Cabo to catch his first marlin ever and looks like one wasn’t enough as he was lucky to catch three at the 11:50 spot, congratulations Jason! The same day, Chris Reger from San Antonio, TX released one striper aboard “Andrea” at the 95 spot; the fish took ballyhoo. “Bill Collector” released another one to our good customer Matthew Rainwater from Forth Worth, TX; they release it a little farther at the Destiladeras. On the 10th David Soretsky and friends from Alberta, Canada released one striper which approximately weighted 140 lbs aboard “Andrea” Our anglers had a total of fifteen striped marlin – all released except one.

OTHER SPECIES: Yellow tail was the top catch this week just with a little difference from marlin catches, with twenty six percent of our boats catching this delicious fish. One of the best day was on the 11th for Ross Kline & his son Derek with friends Moses Wood and Ryan Hurst – all 11 years old; captain ray winkler and Salvador kept them really busy reeling in a total of ten yellow tail, good size of 30 lbs, twenty sierras, twenty white bonitas – they release most of them and just kept five yellow tails and half of the sierras. They were caught at sixteen miles by Migriño on the Pacific side and they used hoochis as lures. On the 14th Paul Pittman and Julie Levenson from Woodside, Ca had three nice 30 lbs yellow tail aboard “Andrea” at Margaritas spot; they hook them up with a combination of yoyos and hoochis. Sierra and bonita action was good with sixteen percent of our boats caught this little fish. On the 10th “Adriana” boated eleven sierra for a couple from Canada; the fish took hoochis. This same day Karie Dunks and Cory Crommette from Encinitas, CA had a mix of this fish with twelve 15 lbs white bonitas and five sierras between 8- 10 lbs aboard “Attitude Adjustment” ; they went to the pacific side at Margaritas. “Cabolero” went on the 15th for bottom fishing and they had a good day with sixteen rock fish, two sea bass and one yellow tail; the fish took a mix of yoyos and hoochis at twelve miles from the Old Lighthouse.

As to other species, we had jack crevalle, sea bass, rock fish, skip jacks and many white bonitas.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies with one or two party cloudy days. Mostly calm seas and some wind blowing on the afternoons.

LOCATION: Pacific Side – Old Lighthouse, Margaritas, Golden Gate, Migriño
Sea of Cortez – 95 spot, 11:50 Spot, Destiladeras, Punta Gorda


BEST LURES Rapalas, hoochis, yoyos, petrolero, chiliwili, cedar plugs, purple

Live bait: caballito, ballyhoo

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.