Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pimp My Ride Does Cabo

This past Saturday Alvin Joiner, better known as Xzibit the rapper, actor, singer and T.V host from the MTV hit show Pimp My Ride, was here celebrating his birthday and went out fishing on our 70 ft Hatteras "Salsa" he had a great time releasing a large striped marlin. He is pictured here with our very own dockmaster Oscar BaƱaga on the right....who was very impressed by the down to earth attitude and friendliness of this guy. All the best people fish with Pisces.

What Colors

Pictured here is Wayne Stout from Graham, Washington. He fished with us in August aboard Andrea and is shown here with deckhand Abrahan Castro on the right (son of Captain Julio Castro of the Tracy Ann).What impressed about these photos was the colors, the blue of the ocean, the brilliant colors of the dorado and the contrasting skin colors of angler and deckhand.

It's Not Just About the Fishing

Here at Pisces we pride ourselves on not just having great crews and boats, but on building relationships. Pictured here is Mike Vise from Sacramento, California. He fished with us recently over labor day and did very well catching, dorado, tuna and marlin. He is pictured here at our boatyard with some of the crews eating "carnitas" with them....he should be pretty easy to spot...look for the least tanned guy. So you see not just a client but a friend also.

One of the things I love about Cabo

One of the things I love about living in Cabo are the spectacular sunrises. Due to the unique location of where I live, Cabo Falso, which is actually the most southern part of the Baja (not the arch) we get to see both sunrise and sunset as well as moonrise and set too. We even see the Southern Cross, which is a point I hotly dispute with guests to my home as the don't think it is possible seeing as we are in the northern hemisphere. Pictured here is a beautiful sunrise taken a couple of days ago as viewed from my patio..tough job, but somebody has to do it.