Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another strange looking fish

Check out this strange fish.....the local guys called it a lengua or tongue and say it is common up around Lopez Mateos where it is caught in nets. I will try and get the right identification by Monday.

It was caught on August 14th aboard "La Brisa". They were fishing just below the Golden Gate on the Pacific and had already released two striped marlin, when they suddenly saw a sea lion with a fish in it's mouth, shaking its' head to try to kill it.....the sea lion managed to take a bite out of it (as seen in the photo...the underside) and what was left of the fish, swam towards the boat and the deckhand ran on to the bow and deftly gaffed it, as the confused sea lion, looked wildly around for its' dinner....out of the frying pan into the fire...out of the mouth of a sea lion, into the boat..... It is well known that sea lions can be pests, stealing anglers bait, or helping themselves to a tasty red snapper, dorado or small tuna as it is being reeled in...but this time the tables were turned, payback.

The deckhand Salvador Flores was familiar with the fish, as he is from further up the Baja near Lopez Mateos, he took the fish home to his family. According to him it is a soft, white meat similar to sea bass.

Guy in the red hat is deckhand Salvador Flores, guy in the white hat is Captain Rey Winkler, Pisces crew.