Friday, April 08, 2011

Thank You Letter from the Klauer Family

We received this letter from Jim Klauer and sons who had a great experience last week aboard the "Valerie". We are very happy that they enjoyed themselves and we look forward to taking you guys out again soon.

I wanted to thank you and Pisces for a great day on the water. The boys had fun, the crew was great and the suggestion of going for the game fish first and then go out for Marlin. We had 5 Yellowtail in the box by 7:30 and then went out to chase down a few Marlin. We never got one on the line, but it was fun getting them to strike and chase the bait. The boys loved the burritos, thank the person that added those to the lunch box!

Great trip and we will be back.

Jim Klauer

Costco Wholesale

Vice President

From Redmond, WA