Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Big Tuna

We were all thrilled when La Brisa got a 200 lb tuna for a lady angler a few days ago, but it seems the big boys are in town. We heard of a 300 lb plus tuna being taken aboard a commercial panga on 500 lb test line last week. Not to be outdone, Great Escape Jr. did very well to capture this 254 lb'er for Dominik Green from Chicago on September 27th. It's no easy feat to bring in a fish of this size and cost him a lot of sweat and blisters...he did get an ice cold beer as a reward though. All this bodes well for this years Tuna Tournament scheduled for early November.

Big Wahoo

It's been awhile since we have had any wahoo of any size but Paul Paulson, from Gary, Indiana, pulled in this beauty aboard Rebecca on September 27th. The fish was 60 lbs and took a petrolero lure by Gaspareño on the Pacific.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Heather's Tuna Photos

A Fish Twice Her Size
Heather DeRamus from Richmond, Texas fished with her girlfriends aboard "La Brisa" on September 23rd and despite being pretty small, at just over 100 lbs, she determindely pulled in this massive 200 lb tuna, in the hot September sun, taking three hours to bring to the boat on 80 lb test. The fish took a green and black lure at the Jaime Bank on 80 lb test. Heather is pictured here with Captain Nicolas Winkler (right) and deckhand Salvador Flores (left) and below with her friends. Congratulations on having a lot of steaks to take home.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pimp My Ride Does Cabo

This past Saturday Alvin Joiner, better known as Xzibit the rapper, actor, singer and T.V host from the MTV hit show Pimp My Ride, was here celebrating his birthday and went out fishing on our 70 ft Hatteras "Salsa" he had a great time releasing a large striped marlin. He is pictured here with our very own dockmaster Oscar Bañaga on the right....who was very impressed by the down to earth attitude and friendliness of this guy. All the best people fish with Pisces.

What Colors

Pictured here is Wayne Stout from Graham, Washington. He fished with us in August aboard Andrea and is shown here with deckhand Abrahan Castro on the right (son of Captain Julio Castro of the Tracy Ann).What impressed about these photos was the colors, the blue of the ocean, the brilliant colors of the dorado and the contrasting skin colors of angler and deckhand.

It's Not Just About the Fishing

Here at Pisces we pride ourselves on not just having great crews and boats, but on building relationships. Pictured here is Mike Vise from Sacramento, California. He fished with us recently over labor day and did very well catching, dorado, tuna and marlin. He is pictured here at our boatyard with some of the crews eating "carnitas" with them....he should be pretty easy to spot...look for the least tanned guy. So you see not just a client but a friend also.

One of the things I love about Cabo

One of the things I love about living in Cabo are the spectacular sunrises. Due to the unique location of where I live, Cabo Falso, which is actually the most southern part of the Baja (not the arch) we get to see both sunrise and sunset as well as moonrise and set too. We even see the Southern Cross, which is a point I hotly dispute with guests to my home as the don't think it is possible seeing as we are in the northern hemisphere. Pictured here is a beautiful sunrise taken a couple of days ago as viewed from my patio..tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our friend Jay Abelson shares some pictures with us

Hi Jorge

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing some fishing shots from New Zealand so I've attached a few of us and our mates.

We're really looking forward to our day out with you guys - see you in a week!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just Another Day on the Job

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Pictured here are Captain Enrique Martinez on the right and deckhand Beto Lira on the left, aboard our 28 ft Adriana. Beto is usually the deckhand on Ruthless but joined Enrique this day...photo was snapped by Mike Vise. This is their office....what does yours look like? Enrique has been fishing these waters for almost 40 years, so I guess you could say he has quite a bit of experience. Beto has a very pleasant personality and since joining the Ruthless the catch rates of his boat have soared. Our catch success rates for the month of August were very high at 97% for all species combined.

Wow The Landscape has Changed

Hurricane Jimena did leave one good thing and that was some rain. Though people in the north of the state are still suffering the after effects, Cabo is enjoying a transformation of the landscape. In less than one week the desert has bloomed, now clothed with marvellous greenery. There is a coolness in the early morning and late evening that is very welcome. Tournament season begins next month and crews are eager for the competition.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This is a very cool photo...

How do you catch a big fish? Well first go with the right people, Pisces ofcourse....then choose a great boat and crew, like the Spartacus a beautiful,fast 60 ft Hatteras. Then have a plan. All the boats are currently going tothe Pacific for the more sure catches of dorado, tuna and the odd stripedmarlin. These guys wanted a blue, so they headed the opposite direction tothe Gordo Banks on the Cortez side, geared up to heavier tackle and wereextremely patient while they slow-trolled with a live skipjack...but justlook at the result. Chris Fuller was able to pull in this 525 lb blue marlinin just 25 minutes on 100 lb test line aboard. Chris lives right here inBaja at Los Cerritos just south of Todos Santos.

Here is the angler, standing right next to his catch, on the left with blue glasses.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Meet our Governor

Pictured in the fighting chair is Governor of Baja California Sur, Narciso Agundez.
He is an avid fisherman and goes out with Pisces frequently. Right now he is trying to get the damage assessed from hurricane Jimena and find financial aid.
We like this guy a lot, he brought paved roads to Cabo.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fishing Doesn't Miss a Beat

Boats got back to work today after a couple of down days after the hurricane and reported dead calm seas with water temps a little over 84 F . Tuna fishing was great today, with every boat catching fish between 40 and 120 lbs. Pictured here are father and son, Tony and Steve Clement from Los Gatos and San Luis Obispo Ca. It took them 45 minuntes to pull this beautiful 120 lb yellowfin tuna on 60 lb test line, after it took a blue and white lure off of Las Brechas on the Pacific, aboard "Bill Collector"

Though Cabo was spared, up around Muelege, Santa Rosalia and San Carlos the storm hit hard with devastation reported. Loreto will be without power for at least four days and the river at Mulege surged 6 feet higher than it did with hurricane John.  San Juanico, the popular surf sport also  known as Scorpion Bay was the hardest hit. One death was reported, that of an elderly man who refused to leave his home.

What Happened to Jimena?

Thursday Sept 3rd 7.00 AM

It's business as usual in Cabo, just one day after we were supposed to be impacted by the strongest hurricane every to reach our part of the world. All I can say is thank God, it did not happen. Local newspapers had headlines like "From Destruction to Benefit" and "Jimena a Real Lady". Damage in Los Cabos was minor, some downed trees, fences and roads washed out in places. The port is open and boats went fishing today.In the early morning hours of yesterday, Jimena did make landfall further up the Pacific coast at San Carlos, sweeping across Ciudad Constitucion also. We had to wait for news to make it out, as there is no power up there,but last night Mexican TV stations, reported no casualties. The electricity pylons that take power from Ciudad Constitucion to Loreto were toppled by the hurricane, which means Loreto is without power and will not have any for at least six days. Five commercial fishing boats were reported as damaged or sunk at San Carlos and two sardine processing plants were severely damaged also. No offical report has been released yet but from what we saw on TV it shows lots of downed trees and electricity poles, structures made from sheet metal and broken glass. The authorities did a great job of preparing, opening shelters, moving the army in ahead of time and closing roads where arroyos run. We will post the official version when we have it.
Tracy Ehrenberg

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hurricane Jimena Update #8

Tuesday, September 1st 6.06 pm

As we write this Jimena is at it's closest point to Cabo. We have huge waves on the Pacific and strong winds. Rains are intermittent and not that heavy. Wind speed is not more than 50-60 mph. I just spoke to the general secretary of the Municipality, he reports no accidents or incidents. Two thousand people who live in homes in danger from flash floods were evacuated to shelters as a precaution. We should have three or four hours more of this, before things start to calm down. Everything is working, Satellite T.V, Phones, Internet...these photos were taken from the Pacific side a few minutes ago. Hurricane Jimena is expected to make landfall as a category two storm further up the Baja around Mag Bay and will probably affect Loreto too, as it crosses the peninsula.

Tracy Ehrenberg

Hurricane Jimena Update #7

Tuesday, September 1st, 1.00 pm

The photos above were taken by Glenn Ehrenberg, one hour ago. As we write this the wind has picked up considerably, around 40 mph, it is raining but not heavily. Waves are big. The hurricane has weakend a little and is 110 miles south west of Cabo. Jimena will be at it's closest point to us around 6.00 pm. Check back for updates.
Tracy Ehrenberg

Hurricane Jimena Update #6

Tuesday, September 1st 9.29 am: The photo on the left was taken about 15 minutes ago half a mile from the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific, a point known as Cabo Falso. With the hurricane a little over 160 miles below us. Rain comes and goes, at times very heavy. Winds are not bad at all as seen by the lack of movement of trees in the photo. Waves are quite large. One of our staff has just come back from the marina, where he reported that everything was calm. To be honest, I expected to be feeling rougher weather by now. New updates and photos as we have them will be posted here.

Hurricane Jimena Update #5

5.48 am Tuesday, September 1st

Everything is pretty calm in Cabo. Strange, this major hurricane is 186 miles down below us and towards the west and so far we haven't felt anything dramatic. Last night was quiet. We got some heavy rain at 4.50 am that lasted for ten minutes, with a couple of lightning flashes. Right now there is no rain, wind is picking up around 20 mph, it is not light yet, but skies are dark overhead with the promise of rain. Checked the NHC 5.00 am report, Cabo is not shown in their projected cone, but they still have us outlined in red with a hurricane warning.

Tracy Ehrenberg