Saturday, December 10, 2011

Updated Fish Report

DECEMBER 3rd to 9th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 73%

Deckhand Fernando  aboard Adriana prepares to leader this active striped marlin.
BILLFISH: This week fisherman were scarcer than fish as we entered what is traditionally known as the slowest time of year for visitors, in the period after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. With the moon waxing, fish were less hungry than normal and at times even when marlin were found they could not be coaxed to take the live bait offered them. Some boats though, did quite well, such as “Ruthless” our 31 ft Bertram on December 4th, who fished at Los Arcos with anglers Joseph Lanigan & David Brown from New York aboard, they were able to release three striped marlin in the 110 to 130 lb class on live “jurelito” which is a type of jack as well as boat a 20 lb dorado that took a red lure. “Valerie” now back in the water after a total refit, was out on December 6th, just below the Golden Gate with Pat Currie and friends from Summerland, Canada where they were able to release three striped marlin, boat a dorado and wahoo too. Our last triple marlin day was had by “La Brisa” on December 8th this time closer at GaspareƱo with Dinah and David Oppenheim from Midpines, California aboard; they also landed a dorado. We had a solitary sailfish aboard “Attitude Adjustment” for Roberto Joseph from Gary, Indiana, who also released a striped marlin both at Golden Gate. We heard again that there are marlin just below Mag Bay, so they should be working their way towards Cabo in the coming weeks. Fifty five percent of our charters caught billfish this week consisting of 17 marlin and 1 sailfish – all released.

OTHER SPECIES: Marlin was the top catch this week, but dorado catches were steady with twenty seven percent of boats catching form one to four fish in the 15 to 25 lb class. All were on the Pacific at various locations. Tuna catches were less common with just eighteen percent of boats finding patches of them around the Herradura. When found boats managed to boat up to ten in a day of fish up to 35 lbs. Inshore just a few roosters and needlefish for us.

LOCATION: Pacific Los Arcos to Golden Gate, also Herradura for tuna.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partly cloudy, some windy days which caused rough seas, some chilly nights.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: Although it doesn’t feel like it surface sea temperature charts show the water around Cabo to be 77 F.
BEST LURES: Live bait – mackerel was scarce so ballyhoo, caballito and jurelito were used; cedar plugs, guacamaya, red.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg