Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fish Report - December 20th: Sashimi Anyone?

Yesterday most of our boats focus on yellow fin tuna, these were the catches of the day:

- 28ft "Adriana" : Two yellow fin tuna (20 lbs) for Adam Kwasman and Shayna Maskell from Tuczon, AZ

- 28ft "Andrea": Six yellow fin tuna(15-20 lbs) for the Clifton family from Little Rock, OR

- 31ft "Tracy Ann" : Twenty yellow fin tuna (10- 20 lbs) for James Griffin, Dan & Joel Oliphant from Ontario, Canada (shown in the picture)

- 35ft "Valerie" : Twenty seven yellow fin tuna (10-20 lbs) for Cameron Blair and friends from Edmonton, Canada (shown in the picture)

- 31ft "Bill Collector" : One dorado (25 lbs) for the Morgan family from Mesquite, TX

- 42ft "Yahoo": One striped marlin and one yellow fin tuna(15 lbs) for the Stephenson family from Camargo, OR