Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pisces Weekly Fish Report August 27th to September 2nd

Overall Catch Success Rate 95.2%

BILLFISH: Water is not getting any cooler, weather was very hot as well starting on 95f with one day reaching the 105. We had a little bit of rain near San Jose del Cabo but so far not a drop in Cabo San Lucas. This week the Billfish catch rate dropped from 46% to 35% with only a few boats catching Billfish. “Ruthless” released two Striped Marlin, landed 6 Dorados and a 20 lbs white skipjack for Matt & Heather Adamson from Midlothian TX on August 27th. On the 31st, “Tracy Ann” released two Striped Marlin as well and landed 10 Yellow Fin Tuna for Larry Berriochoa from Aurora, CO. 9 Striped Marlin were caught this week, 7 were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Well, what can we say about small game this wee? Week started a little bit slow but “Falcon” started the tuna frenzy landing 15 tunas for David Fox from New York, NY. Next day “Tracy Ann” caught 20 yellow fin between 10/30 lbs and 2 dorados over 20 lbs for Mike Conger and son from Atlanta GA, the very next they, father and son took a trip on “Ruthless” and landed 21 more tunas and 1 more dorado to their count. Tim Johnston from Montana on a memorial trip for his brother caught 12 tunas, 1 dorado and a 140 lbs striped marlin who died before they could release it, he and his friend Luis Tavarez went on a second trip aboard the “Rebecca” and added 25 more tuna and one more dorado. Tim and Luis get the catch of the week with most fish caught in one day.

Rebecca BaƱaga with her dinner.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, Los Arcos.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: 90 to 96F. Partly cloudy.


BEST LURES: Green petroleros, caballito.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro