Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mal and Tony, from New Zealand share their story...

Wow! What can we say! Two fisherman traveling from New Zealand desperate to hook up their first Marlin, having tried in many different countries with little success. Our date with destiny was Monday 20th October 2008. On board The Valerie, Roberto the Captain showed us his expertise in finding the right spot. The sea was boiling with Marlin. Two lines were cast out and we got a double hit. At last a chance to catch my first ever marlin only for another boat to run over my line and snap the marlin off. Such disappointment! I thought that was my only chance. But no, Roberto seeing the despair on my face found again another spot. Again a double hit, this time we brought home the two striped marlin! whoopee! what a fantastic feeling! But that was not the end! Again another double hit, then another! A hard fight with one that was desperate to get away. Eventually landing 9 striped marlin and 1 tuna, plus 2 marlin that snapped off between the two of us. Our dreams had most definitely been realized, Roberto we can't thank you and your crew enough for working extremely hard to find us our fish. Your eyes were always scanning the area looking for the ideal place to place the lines. You were quick thinking and got the lines out very quickly enabling many hook-ups. We have now fulfilled our dreams of catching our first marlin. Now of course we will now endeavor to catch our first blue.

On our next trip to Cabo we hope to hook up with you again.

Thanks for a great trip

Mal Tipton and Tony Marshall