Monday, August 01, 2011

Pisces Weekly Fish Report July 23rd to July 29th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 90%

BILLFISH: Hot, hot, hot, hot, this week felt like popcorn in the microwave, one more degree and we would have gone puff! The “storm” we had scheduled for last week didn’t bring anything but heat and little bit of wind on the 23rd so the authorities decided to close the port that day leaving nothing but frustrated fisherman as the seas were perfectly fit for fishing. Anyway, we had a great start this week, we saw a lot of tuna and dorado flags and a few billfish. “Tracy Ann” released one pacific sailfish estimated at 100lbs and a striped marlin at 140lbs and landed 2 dorados, one of them of 44lbs for our good friends Leocadio Perez and Whadzen Carrasquillo from Puerto Rico. Then on the 26th “Tracy Ann” caught a 180lbs Blue, 3 tunas, one dorado and released a striped marlin for Michael McKown from Star, ID and Rick Martin from Neenah, WI. Hold on ladies, its Rick, not Ricky Martin. The next day “Ruthless” caught a 250lbs Blue for Tim Dold from Annapolis MD, also released a striped marlin and landed one Dorado and one tuna for his father David Dold. This week 40% of the boats caught billfish, a total of 10 striped marlin, 8 were released, 3 pacific sailfish, all released and 2 blue marlin were kept by the clients.
OTHER SPECIES: Very good week for dorado, 77% of the boats caught at least one, best caches were for “La Brisa” with 7 Dorados between 12-16lbs for Steve Murray and Paul Smulhante from Los Angeles, CA, and for the “C-ROD” with 7 dorados 15-20lbs and 8 skipkacks for the Gallardo Family from Mexico City. Tuna catches droped a little with only 37% of the fleet catching this specie, however we had some nice catches, on the 24th “Adriana” landed 14 yellowfin between 20-30lbs for Kraig Willett from San Diego, CA, can’t imagine how many BBQ’s he’s gonna throw at home. On the inshore, pangas were catching roosterfish, skipjack, dorado and few yellowfin tuna.

LOCATION: Fish seem to be scattered, boats were fishing from Destiladeras at San Jose del Cabo, all the way to Golden Gate at the Pacific Side. Hot spots in between were Herradura, Chileno Bay, 95spot, Los Arcos, Morro Prieto.



BEST LURES: Purple lures, live bait, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg & Jorge Narro