Sunday, October 19, 2008

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament results

Friday the 17th was the last fishing day for the tournament that kicked of the season, the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, in its 10th year. Unfortunately there were not a whole lot of blue marlin around. Only one fish qualified, which swept the winnings. Valerie had a fish that came up 10 lbs short of the minimum weight of 300 lbs, for a team from Finland, which was disappointing and one 300 lb plus fish was disqualified as it was mutilated. Other than these there were more striped marlin and dorado than anything else.

Here are the results:


Summer time, dorado 52 lbs total winnings $18,883.00 us


Hang and high, wahoo 44.5 lbs total winnings $11,883 us


Picante express, tuna 181.10 lbs fought 1 hour and a half, total winnings $11,887.00 us


Get over it 22 released marlin they won the daily released of day one, two and three, total winnings $40,500.00 us


Karma with a 415 lbs, this is the 2nd larger check on this tournament (10th anniversary of this tournament) $500,059 us

Courtesy video from Chris Durukal

A few weeks ago we posted a couple of pictures of Chris and Cenk Durukal and their dream trip to Cabo, now Chris was kind enough to share this video so you can all see what a wonderful fishing trip they had.

Thank you Chris,

Here is a link to Chris´s channel on YouTube, he has some awesome fishing videos!!!