Monday, September 27, 2010

Pisces Fish Report

September 17th to September 25th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 97.3%

BILLFISH: Tropical Storm Georgette was a barely noticed visitor to our shores this past week, producing much needed rain, but zero wind and just a few swells on the Cortez side. The Port captain decided to close the Port one day as a precaution and the next day everybody was ready to go out and fish! One of the best days was on the 25th for Greg Cooper and friends from Arizona, who released four striped marlin aboard “Attitude Adjustment”, our 46 ft Bertram at the Herradura; they also boated twelve dorado between 20-25 lbs... way to go guys! This same day, Barry Satterfield from Franklin, TN released two striped marlin aboard “El Gallo” they took live bait at the 190 Spot; they also caught two dorado between 30-35 lbs. On the 24th “Valerie” released one striped marlin and one sailfish for the Tony Berkowitz group, the striper took a blue & white lure and the sailfish live bait.

“Valerie” had a double marlin day on the 22nd for Robert Thompson from Placitas, NM; both were released he then went on to catch two nice dorado at 40 and 50 lbs respectively, 10 miles from the Old Lighthouse. The only blue marlin caught during the week was for Cindy and Jason Kinnie from San Francisco, CA it weighted 300 lbs; they also released one striped marlin at the 160 Spot and kept one dorado for dinner. Billfish catches decreased somewhat perhaps due to full moon mid-week, but which is a ripe time for really big fish also. Forty five percent of our charters caught billfish with a total of 15 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 5 sailfish this week all but one released.

OTHER SPECIES: We had tons of Dorado this week with seventy eight percent of our boats catching from one to twenty four fish, with global total of 202 overall. Weights varied from 15 lbs to nice 50 lb fish. After the rains left by Tropical Storm Georgette, dorado could be found all over the place. The top day was the 23rd, when Robert Thompson from Placitas, NM was fishing alone and caught twenty four dorado aboard Tracy Ann, he was so tired that he came back early; his arms just wouldn’t work anymore (majority of his fish were released). This same day Angela Lacy and Kim Hubbard from Dallas, TX caught eighteen dorado, some released and the others between 15 to 25 lbs aboard Andrea with captain Orlando Murillo and deckhand Abraham; the fish took live bait and green/yellow lures at La Margaritas on the Pacific side. Adam Berke and friends from Texas had a great day aboard “Shambala” with captain TJ, with fifteen dorado between 20 to 30 lbs, one 40 lbs wahoo and one sailfish released at Gaspareño. The same day, Marco Ehrenberg and friends caught fourteen dorado and two yellowfin tuna aboard “Andale” they took all kinds of lures at Golden Gate. On the 22nd Nicholas and Rebecca Hicox from Vancouver, WA caught sixteen dorado aboard “Andrea” with some released they still had plenty to take home. Tuna catches were steady with thirty four percent of our boats catching this species. On the 18th, Scott Shulze and friends from California fought a large tuna for one hour and 45 minutes on 60 lbs test line, resulting in the successful catch of a 150 lbs yellow fin tuna at Golden Gate aboard “Rebecca”. It took blue/white lure. Bill &Patty Rose along with friends, Debbie & Mike Cledenning caught seven yellow fin tuna, football size, and let a striped marlin go, as well as boating three dorado aboard the “Tracy Ann”. On the 20th, Nancy and Art Clairmont from Orlando, FL caught six 20 lbs yellow fin tuna and two dorado between 40-45 lbs aboard “Andrea” out by San Jaime. We were told of a 330 lb tuna caught out of San Jose by Daniel Fisher, a well known local guy who has a lot of amazing catches to his credit. Daniel was part of the team that broke all records last year at the Tuna Tournament with their 383 lb fish. We are looking for photos and will post if we can get one and verify the catch. Wahoo catches were pretty good this week, with September 23rd being particularly productive: first up was Barry Satterfield and friends aboard “El Gallo”, with both a 40 and 50 lb fish, twelve miles out from the Old Lighthouse. Next were Sam & Athea Lijoi from Cleveland, OH for catching a 40 lb’er plus two 35 lbs dorado aboard “Great Escape Jr” all on guacamayo and petrolero lures. Then was the Jordan family from Westerville, Oh who caught another 40 lb wahoo and still had a lot of action with eleven dorado and one yellow fin tuna to boot.. We had a total of 37 yellow fin tuna and 6 wahoo this week..

WEATHER CONDITIONS: One rainy day due the tropical storm, cloudy days and sunny days at the end of the week

LOCATION: Sea of Cortez: 95 spot, Cerro Blanco, Herradura, 180 Spot, Cerro Colorado

Pacific Side: Golden Gate, Jaime Banks, Lighthouse, Margaritas, Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, Migriño, Gaspareño


BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, blue, tigrillo, petrolero, green, purple, green/blue, blue/white, black/green, green/yellow, red/green, guacamayo,, all colors, rapala

For live bait was caballito and ballyhoo

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.

780 lb Blue Marlin Aboard Shambala

Captain T.J Dobson, has done it again aboard "Shambala"....another huge fish, this time just shy of 800 lbs. Yesterday a group of Texans were aboard fishing with T.J and were having a great time; they had already released a striped marlin  and a sailfish, when T.J spotted a huge marlin in the Destiladeras area where they were fishing, attracted by a teaser tied to the back of the boat. Captain T.J was quick thinking and told his deckand to toss a sierra, he had on board back to the fish. The fish leapt on it, grabbing the bait, but then jumped and spat it out. He must have been hungry because he turned with a vengence and enhaled a lure still in the water, known as a "Gay Bob", which is blue, white and pink. The fish was solidly hooked and Ed Shatte from Houston, Texas was on the other end of the line. Ed pumped and heaved the fish on 80 lb line for three hours, when they realized that it had takes a while to haul up 780 lbs of dead weight and then drag it onto the deck through the transom door, but they did it.

"Shambala" the 60 ft Hatteras didn't make it back to port until well after dark where it took nine men to hoist it up on to the scale, which showed the fish weighed 780 lbs.  Great job guys....and well done T.J for his third fish over 600 lbs in under two months......