Monday, September 27, 2010

780 lb Blue Marlin Aboard Shambala

Captain T.J Dobson, has done it again aboard "Shambala"....another huge fish, this time just shy of 800 lbs. Yesterday a group of Texans were aboard fishing with T.J and were having a great time; they had already released a striped marlin  and a sailfish, when T.J spotted a huge marlin in the Destiladeras area where they were fishing, attracted by a teaser tied to the back of the boat. Captain T.J was quick thinking and told his deckand to toss a sierra, he had on board back to the fish. The fish leapt on it, grabbing the bait, but then jumped and spat it out. He must have been hungry because he turned with a vengence and enhaled a lure still in the water, known as a "Gay Bob", which is blue, white and pink. The fish was solidly hooked and Ed Shatte from Houston, Texas was on the other end of the line. Ed pumped and heaved the fish on 80 lb line for three hours, when they realized that it had takes a while to haul up 780 lbs of dead weight and then drag it onto the deck through the transom door, but they did it.

"Shambala" the 60 ft Hatteras didn't make it back to port until well after dark where it took nine men to hoist it up on to the scale, which showed the fish weighed 780 lbs.  Great job guys....and well done T.J for his third fish over 600 lbs in under two months......

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