Monday, December 07, 2009

The Striped Marlin Are Here!

In our last few fish reports we predicted that the striped marlin would show up in good numbers once the weather turned cold. This is exactly what has happened; it was as if somebody flipped the switch to "winter" and for the last four days we have had typical November weather, not the unseasonal warmth experienced throughout November, not only that but the cooler water has bought mackerel, the bait of choice for striped marlin into the area. There are not that many anglers in town right now, as traditionally this is a slow time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but those that are here and went out had a fabulous time. Yesterday, Sunday, December 6th "Cabolero" 31 Cabo Express, released fourteen marlin, one sailfish and two dorado, for Jay Lanigan from Florida, fishing with Dave Brown from New York, close to the Old Lighthouse and I mean less than two miles from shore. "Rebecca" 31 ft Bertram released eight striped marlin for Henry King, also from New York and "Tracy Ann", 31 ft Bertram released seven striped marlin and three dorado a little further up the coast at Pozo de Cota, for Michael O'Rourke, Tom Lindsey and Jerry Giounasso from New York too…(guess it must be cold in New York). All I can say is I hope we are in for a repeat of the striped marlin numbers we saw last year and that the season as just delayed due to overly warm weather. Last November Pisces caught 2050 billfish, with 98.4% released.