Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fishing Update

FEBRUARY 18th to 24th, 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 86%

BILLFISH: We were pleased with the upturn in fishing this week, with decent catches of marlin, despite a drop in water temperature. This period started off with a few boats with single striped marlin in the 11.50 area of the Sea of Cortez. On February 18th, we saw a couple of boats step it up with “Yahoo” catching and releasing three striped marlin up to 160 lbs on live mackerel at Punta Gorda for David Attebery, Tim Smith and John Allan. This same day “Rebecca” had two on the same bait, in the same area for Kevin Sullivan from Champaign, Illinois fishing with buddy Will Klein. The marlin bite was fair to good one day, then down a day then back on again; “La Brisa” had two also at Punta Gorda for Brian & Glenn O´Neil from Kerwsburg N.J & Hudson N.Y on the 20th. This same day “Valerie” dii well to release three on live caballito for Mark Beckham, Scott Quaintana & Eddie Julian; all from North Carolina. “C Rod” had a nice variety bag for Matt Percy from Canton, Mi, with a striped marlin released, a dorado and four roosterfish. Thirty two percent of charters caught marlin this week, adding up to a total of twenty two fish, all released except one.
Not the biggest yellow fin tuna, but tasty and one of only four caught this week for the fleet; aboard La Brisa.
OTHER SPECIES: There was plenty of action on smaller game this week, so boats had to choose whether to head up to Punta Gorda to try for the not so certain marlin, or head up the Pacific where lots of fish were available. Top two smaller game this week were yellow tail, a delicious firm fleshed fish and roosterfish, a dream catch for lots of anglers but not considered good eating. The yellow tail were found at Los Arcos, with bait, rapalas and iron jigs working well and weights up to 35 lbs. Catches were not quite as plentiful as last week with the average catch being from one to four, nevertheless thirty percent of boats landed this species. Rooster fish began to bite mid-week and “Adriana” had an amazing day on smaller game with thirteen rooster fish up to 25 lbs, a yellow tail and three skipjacks for Daniel Sorenson from Hamilton, Montana. There were good amounts of sierra, skipjacks, some snappers and small groupers as well as jack crevalle. The only wahoo of the week was caught aboard “Rebecca” by Mike Ryan from Merrill,Wi, at the 11.50 spot on a petrolero lure, not big at 25 lbs, but tasty. We had just a few dorado, picked up in different locations and only three yellow fin tuna for the fleet, small at 15 lbs, aboard “La Brisa”
LOCATION: Punta Gorda and 11.50 for marlin, Pacific, Los Arcos for smaller game.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Windy on the Pacific most of the week, making for uncomfortable seas, nevertheless boats could hug the shore and avoid most of the chop. Calmer on the Cortez side.
BEST LURES. Live bait, huchis, light green, rapalas, petrolero.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

One Of Our Buddies

You know one of the most fantastic things about living in Cabo are the wonders of nature all around us.
How many people get to pet sea-lions as part of their every day job? In this clip we see Martin Gonzalez deckhand of the Tracy Ann, giving dead bait to our local friendly sea-lion Pancho.  He is a lovable beggar that has learned that tourists on sportfishing boats don’t mind parting with old bait at the end of the day. So how do you tell the difference between a seal and a sea- ion? Well this is a really easy way to remember; seals have no ears just holes for ears and sea lions have tiny ears – easy way to remember, sea lions, longer word have ears, seals shorter word, no ears.