Sunday, August 24, 2008

Testimonial from James and Cynthia Cortinas...

To Captain Leon Camacho:

We went fishing with captain Leon Camacho and we had a great time, we of course caught more fish than any other boat because our captain is the best.

The company of Pisces always does a great job, thank you Tracy for making your company the very best.

Hope to be back sooonnn, we love it.

James and Cynthia Cortinas, Houston TX.

Diving Cabo for the first time...

By Ady Moya:

I need to share another adventure with you all, …… diving! Without question, under the water there is another world; a brilliant one full of colors, shapes and funny noises. Here we encounter in their natural environment, the species that we get so excited about when we go fishing.
In just a few days I have been able to admire schools of manta rays, spider crabs, clown fish, cabrillas, lobsters, eels, schools of tiny and big toothed fish, who are interested in you, a funny creature in a neoprene wetsuit, with bubbles all around . We need to have admiration and respect for the sub aquatic world , which is so close to the fishing we enjoy and yet something we don’t see in our regular environment. Because I cannot say hi with a smile, I thought I would communicate it by blinking…..let’s go diving.