Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catches Continue to Soar in Cabo

Catch rates are soaring as the weather heats up and it seems like the fishing is keeping pace with it.  Yesterday we had a total of 24 billfish, 22 striped marlin and 2 sailfish. Some of the highlights, were 28 ft Adriana with, 5 striped marlin and 1 sailfish released for the Porter family from Poway, Georgia or how about Valerie for 3 striped marlin, 9 tuna and a doardo. We have a big moon as we write this, usually a sure sign of a slow down at least for billfish and yes, the numbers dipped slightly but the tuna fishing exploded. Today Tracy Ann caught a whopping 45 fish (many released) and then released a striped marlin and boated a doardo for Larry and Kellie Hemmingway from Kingwood, Texas. You know Texans are really smart, they know to get out of town, as it is bloody hot there, much hotter than Cabo and they know that fishing is at its best in the summer months in Mexico. Our fish tally for two days and sixteen trips:
22 striped marlin
2 sailfish
177 yellowfin tuna
27 dorado
20 skipjacks.

If you love to fish now is the time to be here.