Monday, October 19, 2009

Hurricane Rick Update #6

Monday Oct. 19, 8.43 pm

Hurricane Rick continues to turn more toward the Mexican mainland and is projected to pass just to the south of Cabo. Winds are now down to 85 MPH and it is moving NNW at 7 MPH. A hurricane watch still remains in effect for Cabo at this time. Here are some images from today...the smallish waves on the Pacific, the calm in the marina and the slightly flooded Pabellon Cultural or Cultural Center being constructed behind our building, in what used to be the biggest free parking lot in town.

Hurricane Rick Update #5

Monday October 19th, 3.21 PM

Hurricane Rick is taking it's time....and we can feel a change in the air; it is not as humid and there are some patches of blue sky, peeking through the clouds. Rick continues to decrease in strength as the outer westerly edge hits dry air and maximum winds at this time are 100 MPH, located 325 miles from Cabo. The waves on the Cortez side are still big but they are actually smaller now on the Pacific, than they were this morning, a clear sign that the storm is turning towards the mainland and will probably skirt Cabo giving us Tropical Storm type weather, rather than a hurricane, which is great news. The Bisbee Tournament set to start on Wedenesday will be postponed with fishing taking place Thursday and Friday. Here is the latest photo from our office where you can see that the weather is a bit brighter.

Hurricane Rick Update #4

Monday October 19th, 1.14 pm

Hurricane Rick has weakened and winds are now at a maximum of 105 MPH. After a dry morning it has just start raining pretty heavily...but there is no wind. It is hard to see the cruise ship clearly (see photo) that is in port. A note to our clients...the port will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday but will probably open Thursday October 22nd best case scenario and Friday October 23rd at the latest. Yes, we are having a hurricane, which is weakening, but there is no need to cancel unless you are fishing on Wedenesday or Thursday. Fishing is usually great after a storm and the sun comes out in no time. If you want to reschedule please phone or email us. In regard to boats being pulled out; this is something we like to do as a precaution so that the crews can sleep well and be with their families. Boats go back in the water the day after the storm.
We will keep you updated

Hurricane Rick Update #3

Monday October 19th, 8.13 AM

Between 6.30 and 7. 20 am this morning we had a taste of what is to come. Heavy rain fell for awhile and wind picked up to about 25 MPH, with some thunder and more lightening. We all thought "wow it's here already"...but this was just an isolated outer thunderstorm. Right now threre is not a puff of wind, it is not raining and seas on the Pacific are around 5 feet. We are still working on trying to get out boats out of the water.

Hurricane Rick Update #2

Monday October 19th, 5.50 AM

As of the last advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Rick is currently located 365 miles to the SSW of Cabo with winds of 125 MPH winds, which means it is a category three, additional weaking is predicted over the next day and the forward motion has now slowed to 10 mph. A Hurricane Watch has now been issued for Southern Baja, which means hurricane conditions are "likely" in the next 24 to 36 hours. So at this stage they are not 100% sure if the hurricane will hit Cabo directly. The storm is expected to turn more to the right and thenturn more NNE, or the way I look at it, towards the right and mainland Mexico. From what I see on the map and they have the red line a little below Cabo, but not by much, whereas yesterdy in the morning they had it directly on top of that's a glimmer of some better news. Right now there are lightening flashes every few seconds or so, far out to sea, it' too dark to see the waves but we can hear them and they sound big. With every flash of lightening it's as if Rick is saying "I'm coming" in a menacing way. The port has just been closed. We would like to pull our smaller boats out, BUT due to roadworks the main boat ramp in town is closed and all the streets are up in the downtown area, we are now on a mission to see how to make this happen. It has just started to rain quite heavily and the wind is picking up.