Monday, October 19, 2009

Hurricane Rick Update #4

Monday October 19th, 1.14 pm

Hurricane Rick has weakened and winds are now at a maximum of 105 MPH. After a dry morning it has just start raining pretty heavily...but there is no wind. It is hard to see the cruise ship clearly (see photo) that is in port. A note to our clients...the port will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday but will probably open Thursday October 22nd best case scenario and Friday October 23rd at the latest. Yes, we are having a hurricane, which is weakening, but there is no need to cancel unless you are fishing on Wedenesday or Thursday. Fishing is usually great after a storm and the sun comes out in no time. If you want to reschedule please phone or email us. In regard to boats being pulled out; this is something we like to do as a precaution so that the crews can sleep well and be with their families. Boats go back in the water the day after the storm.
We will keep you updated

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