Monday, February 01, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report January 23 - 29, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 84% 
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 10%, Tuna 73%, Dorado 14% 

BILLFISH:  Marlin catches were painfully slow this week, as the moon waxed beautiful, illuminating the night sky and giving the fish an opportunity to feed at night and not bother with the bait offered by fishermen in the daylight hours.  In fact very few were spotted.  Highlight of the week was when the King of Sweden, on an unofficial visit to meet with scientists and fishery experts, did extremely well to release a nice striped marlin and a mako shark from a panga, on what was a tough day.  Pisces crews worked hard and did manage to find a few marlin for our anglers though with live bait, either caballito or mackerel doing the trick.  Just one marlin was caught on a Petrolero lure (brown/gray/orange) aboard Pisces Valerie on January 23rd  at Las Margaritas-Los Arcos for Mike Lenz, Bob Downport, Bill Muller and Will Rigsby visiting from Idaho.  Pisces 31ft  Bertram “Tiburon” released another Striped Marlin  twenty six miles out from the Old Lighthouse for Sean Caroline´s  group visiting from Savage, Minnesota.  Anglers Jessica & Brian Cyphers from Folsom, California opted for a 25ft panga, Pichurro which was within their budget a good decision as they were able to catch a striped marlin at the Old Lighthouse.  “Andrea” a 28ft Uniflite  released a 110 lbs. Marlin just outside of the Golden Gate on the Pacific for Bud & Karen Cross from Fort Collins, Colorado and finally Pisces “Rebecca” 31ft Bertram released another one  yesterday, the complete opposite direction off of San Jose del Cabo for Clayton, Robert Greathouse & James and Christopher Cornelius from Metairie, Louisiana.  The outlook is for the marlin bite to increase as the moon gets smaller and we will probably start seeing  fish show up on the Cortez side also.  Pisces anglers released a total of five Striped Marlin this week.

OTHER SPECIES:  The main catch this week is the unstoppable yellow fin tuna being, happy anglers with fresh sashimi food!  Football sizes from 10, 15, 20 and 25 lbs. and vessels going from twenty to thirty miles off over the Pacific side - long days on less than smooth seas. Pisces “Andrea” 28ft caught eight tunas and one Dorado for Michael and Leah Keller from Mandan, North Dakota. Pisces “Rebecca” 31ft brought twenty one tunas outside the Golden Gate for Dale, Tim, Matt & Brandon Quirk, Dean Newman, Charlie Hand visiting all from North Carolina.  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann" caught thirty one tunas, released ten outside on Jaime bank.  Pisces 35ft “Valerie” did great for Brian Nixon group our local friend and reeled twenty two tunas at the Golden as well.  Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” on January 27th put reel action with ten tunas and a Dorado outside of Cerritos for Sean Miles, Scott Key, John Miller, Seth & Natalia Sanford and Reece Finlayson visiting from Miami, Florida and Australia.  Bill Collector 32ft Pisces brought six tunas from 20 to 45 lbs. outside of La Herradura for Kari Lehtonen and Cody Eakin from Dallas, Texas and “Shambala” 60ft Pisces got thirty tunas outside of Punta Lobos for Frank Adler, Gary McArdell, Ken Gould, Travis Haining, Matt Kinley and Kevin Thomas from California.  Pisces 31ft “Tiburon” got a 25 pounder dorado outside of the old light house for Darrel Kvasager, David & Mark Hoiland from Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Seventy three percent of our charters brought yellow fin tunas and fourteen percent of our charters caught dorado, which consisted of 490 tunas and 9 dorados.  Limits were kept on all fish with the remainder released.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, Punta Pescadero, Punta Lobos, San Jaime, Margaritas
WEATHER: Clear Skies, little windy over the Sea of Cortes
BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report January 16 - 22, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 37%, Tuna 43%, Dorado 16%, Other 24%
Noel Luck
BILLFISH:  Marlin fishing this week was not an easy thing, with a big moon and fussy eaters it was hard to get a hook up.  Fish were seen but both the marlin and bait were hard to hook up.  We heard reports of marlin activity before the sun came up but once it was daylight their activity slowed down, giving credence to the belief that when there is a big moon they feed at night and are not hungry during the day.  Nevertheless thirty seven percent of our charters were able to find and fight striped marlin.  We also heard of a 400 LB blue marlin caught this week; an exception on a slow day.  Pisces Rebecca had one of the best catches of the week on January 18th, when they released three striped marlin between 100 and 130 LBS between Pozo de Cota and Margaritas for Justin Tidwell and friends from Arizona.  Equaling the Rebecca was latest edition to the fleet Hot Rod who released three marlin up to 150 LBS a little further up the coast at Golden Gate for Kirk Kindred and party from California. Other catches were of one or two marlin per boat, when found, giving us a total of 31 striped marlin.

OTHER SPECIES: What kept anglers busy this week, if the anglers didn’t mind a long ride out offshore was the yellowfin tuna.  Boats could load up on huge numbers of small tuna with the occasional larger fish mixed in.  Pisces Ruthless for example caught forty eight tuna (many released) thirty miles out from Land’s End for Scott Lindsey and friends from Illinois.  Randy Wolf  and buddies from California had perhaps one of the best days of the week aboard Pisces Valerie, they released a striped marlin and then went on to muscle in forty two forty two tuna on January 22nd at San Jaime.  Others catches were of five to twenty five fish, with plenty of double digit catches – our total tuna catch was of 316 fish with forty three percent of charters finding this species.  Dorado catches continue to slow with just ten boats finding one or two fish, which is normal for this time of year.  We had a nice size wahoo again this week, this time aboard Knot Workin which weighed in at 62 LBS caught by Bradley Lukkasson from San Francisco.  Inshore the boats had varied catches with triggerfish by the dozen, some ladyfish, skipjacks, yellowtail, sheep heads, grouper and snappers.

LOCATION: Pacific from Old Lighthouse to Golden Gate and offshore up to 35 miles.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear skies, seas moderate.
BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, and feathers.

Based on catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report January 9 - 15, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined: 95%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 67%, Dorado 24%, Tuna 17%, Other 38%

BILLFISHThis week Cabo enjoyed beautiful weather with sunny skies, cool nights and mostly calm seas which produced some great catches for our anglers – nearly every boat out caught fish this week.  Pisces anglers enjoyed a successful day fishing ninety five percent of the time this period.  Catch of the week was that of Ed Purcell from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – a lake angler who had the thrill of his life when he hooked up an out of season black marlin aboard Pisces Ruthless. The fish took dead bait at San Jaime and took about forty minutes to bring to the boat – weight was just under 300 LBS, well done Ed!  Striped marlin were the species anglers were most likely to encounter this past week with steady catches of up to three fish between and 100 and 140 LBS. Pisces Ruthless was having a good week not only did they get the black marlin, but they also released three striped marlin at La Antena, two on live bait and one on a petrolero lure for a group from California headed up by David Moore. The Brown family from Austin, Texas fished a little further at Golden Gate, aboard Pisces Andrea and were also able to release three marlin and boat a dorado.  Tracy Ann always seems to make the fish report and this week is no exception; they had a triple marlin day on January 15th for David Bales and friends from San Diego also fishing at Golden Gate on the Pacific. The Gibsons from Texas had a fabulous day aboard Pisces Valerie with three striped marlin ranging in size from 80 to 140 LBS off of Las Margaritas. Pisces anglers caught a total of 70 striped marlin and 1 black marlin this week.

OTHER SPECIES: Although dorado was pretty steady this week, we can see that they are starting to wind down.  Catches were seldom of more than one to three fish with weights up to 20 LBS.  Twenty four percent of our boats caught dorado for a total catch of 28 fish.  Yellow fin tuna catches were on the slow side and you had to go to San Jaime to find them – Pisces Bill Collector had one of the best days when they caught a dozen for the Haith family from Boise, Idaho – the fish were football size and took cedar plugs and feathers. Other catches were of between one and ten fish.  Just a couple of small wahoo were caught this week. Sharks seem to be moving back into the area – we had the first pilot shark that we have seen in weeks.  Inshore we are starting to get some small mako sharks. Pangas are starting to see great inshore action with multiple catches of ladyfish, skipjacks, small snappers and groupers.

LOCATION: Pacific, lighthouse to Golden Gate.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, mostly calm seas.

75 F
Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report January 2 - 8, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 65%, Dorado 58%, Tuna 13%, Other 18%

BILLFISH: Fishing in 2016 got off to a good with steady catches of striped marlin and dorado and a nice appearance of tuna too.  Weather seems to be back on track and we have been experiencing cool evenings and brisk early mornings which the fish seem to like.  The marlin bite is not in super strong swing but is totally acceptable with sixty five percent of the boats catching between one and three striped marlin in a day, with the odd sailfish here and there along with some late season blue marlin.  Water temperature is still a little warmer than normal - it should be 70 F but is right around 74 F, which may explain why we haven’t seen the mass migration from further north that usually takes place around this time.  On January 2nd, Pisces Tracy Ann released three striped marlin, all on the small side, just before San Jaime, for good friend Rick Walsh, who also boated a small tuna.  This same day, new addition to the fleet Hot Rod released two striped marlin and caught two dorado and a wahoo; a very satisfactory day for a group of Tennessee anglers.  Next day out 28 ft. Andrea fished a different area between one and seven miles off of Land’s End and managed to catch three striped marlin, bigger at 120 to 140 LBS for Isaac and May visiting from Denver.  Another boat with a triple marlin day was La Brisa with the Levine family from Austin on board.  Their marlin ranged from 100 to 140 LBS and were caught on live caballito at Pozo de Cota on the Pacific side – the two dorado they landed took lures.  This same boat repeated their success with three marlin on January 8th for Matt and Hunter Robinson from Texas as they fished at Los Arcos.  The fish released were from 80 to 140 LBS and all took live bait.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 77 billfish this week, consisting of 74 striped marlin and 3 sailfish.  Marlin was the top sportfish catch this week for Pisces anglers.
OTHER SPECIES: After marlin, dorado was the most likely catch, the difference here was that multiple catches were more likely with catches of up to nine fish per day as large as 25 LBS.  West Bend, Wisconsin anglers James, Jason, Sam & Steve were pleased to catch nine dorado near La Antena as well as release a striped marlin aboard Pisces Andrea.  La Brisa, fishing a little closer at Migrino managed eighty dorado this same day for Simendinger family, all on live bait.  Our total dorado count this week was 140 fish.  Yellowfin tuna showed up at one of their favorite haunts, San Jaime, but were not a sure thing.  Ruthless released one of the smallest yellowfin tunas we have ever seen at around 2 LBS.  One of the top tuna producers was C Rod who had twenty tunas up to 20 LBS at San Jaime for the Bradley family from Texas, who used both cedar plugs and kite to get hooked up.  It was interesting to see a different species of tuna close to the yellowfin, skipjacks; usually found closer to shore.   Thirteen percent of our charters found yellowfin and when encountered catches of up to twenty fish could be had, resulting in a total tuna catch of 97fish.  The skipjacks weren’t found by so many boats, but when you hit the school you could load up, in fact our anglers caught 88 of these little guys, with many released; they are strong on light tackle.  The BIG STORY this week is the largest wahoo we have seen in 15 years – the monster fish hit a Chiwillie lure off of Margaritas with such ferocity that the crew thought it was a sea lion at first. Dean Reed from Cape Canaveral reeled in this beauty on Tracy Ann, which when weighed on a certified scale was 87 LBS!  Several other smaller wahoo were caught this week but none came close to this one.  Pangas inshore were able to catch stray marlin plus a few sierra and pompano.

LOCATION:  Pacific from Lands’ End to San Jaime.
WEATHER: Light rain on New Year’s Day, partly cloudy skies that cleared midweek with some chop on the Pacific depending on wind.
BEST LURES:  Live bait.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report December 19 - 24, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 93%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 51%, Dorado 53%, Other 16%
BILLFISH: This week saw steady catches of striped marlin for a little more than half of the boats, with a few sudden spikes of multiple catches per single boat.  Weather has been colder and windier, which meant boats couldn’t always fish the Pacific where more marlin were believed to be.  One of the top catches in a single day goes to Pisces Yahoo for six stripers up to 140 LBS at Pozo de Cota for the Hattners from Keller, Texas on December 20th; they also caught two dorado.  Tracy Ann had the only sailfish of the week, a big one, estimated at 110 LBS, plus two striped marlin released for Swedish anglers Ola Eklund, Peter Mucander and Johan Ingenmanusson; all three fish took live caballito at the Herradura.  Next day out it was Greg & Jack Sullivan who had the best day, this time aboard La Brisa as they released four striped marlin up to 120 LBS at Los Arcos.  They also managed to land two dorado for the dinner table.  It’s no wonder Tracy Ann won top marlin boat for Pisces this year; they seem to have a knack for it and proved it by releasing six marlin up to 100 LBS on December 21st for McCullough family from Fayetteville, Georgia – well done!  One of the most enviable days was aboard Flora T for a group from Dallas headed up by Darrell Overcash – they released three striped marlin and caught six dorado and two wahoo, fishing at Los Arcos. The marlin were spread out this week, with no one set location.  Boats started out fishing on the Cortez side then moved up the Pacific as far as Golden Gate.  Fifty one percent of our charters caught between one and six marlin giving us a total catch of 61 billfish.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were steady for most boats and could be caught over a wide area. When found, catches ranged from one to nine fish in the 15 to 25 LB class.  Pisces Valerie had an active day on dorado on the Pacific at Migrino where they caught nine dorado on a combination of ballyhoo and ballyhoo for Brad Lassila and family from Colorado.  Adriana, one of our 28 ft. boats, had some good dorado action too, with eight caught up to 25 LBS at Los Arcos and Margaritas for a group of anglers from Kansas.  Fifty three percent of our anglers caught dorado this week giving us a total catch of 129 fish.  Tuna catches were very slow this week with just a few boats even finding them.  The exception was Bill Collector who headed to Jaime Bank on the Pacific and managed to land fifteen up to 20 LBS for Ross Benson and Steve Buckley and friends from New Jersey and Massachusetts respectively.  Several boats caught wahoo this week but they are by no means plentiful and tended to be small at 15 to 20 LBS.  There was not much inshore action except for an odd triggerfish, rooster or sierra.

LOCATION: 95 spot on the Cortez side, then Los Arcos, Pedregal, Migrino, Margaritas and Golden Gate.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Windy and on the cold side, mostly overcast, seas moderate to choppy.
BEST LURES: Live bait.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Dec 12 - 18, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 70%, Dorado 43%, other 12%
BILLFISH: Ho, ho ho!, it feels like Christmas time in Cabo and it looks the billfish have spread out between the steady Pacific side and some parts of Cabo, more specifically between Chileno and Cabo del Sol this week.  “Valerie” Pisces 35ft had a nice day reeling in a Striped Marlin estimated at 180 lbs., one dorado and a small tuna for Peter Karras, Carlos Goncalves and Jomar Labuschagne, visiting Cabo for the first time, coming from Portugal and South Africa!  Pisces “Cabolero” 31ft released a striped Marlin in San Jaime Bank for Jesse & Julie Prather, Mike Summers and Tim Burgarner from Caldwell, Idaho. “Poseidon” Pisces 25ft panga is not a big boat, but nevertheless kept lines busy with a Striped Marlin and four dorado up to 20lbs. for Elbert and Betty Bivins from Jackson, at the Cerros de Arena, on the Pacific side.  Pisces “Tiburon” 31ft also had a great day for a group of Swedish angling friends: Bernt Olson, Nicholas Lund, Sten Gumar and Kjell Kironvall who fought two Striped Marlins and a Sailfish in the same area. “Ruthless” 31ft Bertram headed to La Ballena, over on the Pacific and released a Striped Marlin and two dorados for Kurtis, Shayne and Tyler Millhollin visiting from beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca. “Speedwell” 38ft Pisces reeled two Striped Marlin and three dorados in San Cristobal and Pozo  Cota for Mike, Anna, Tom and Kevin Cole from Sacramento, Ca. good job Captain Piranha!  “Rebecca” Pisces 31ft reeled a Blue Marlin 200 lbs. estimated weight, the crew used a “flying” lure (volador) at the 11.50 spot for more Swedish anglers: Ola Eklund, Johan Ingenmansson and Peter Mucander, good job!  Another Blue and Striped Marlin released aboard “Bill Collector” 32ft Pisces, estimated weight 200 lbs. the crew used the volador lure as well for Frank, Neil an Nancy Muller visiting  from Woodland, California.  On December 17th the “Adriana" and the “Andrea” 28ft ´s Pisces boats did a back to back releasing  two striped marlin outside of the Cerro, for Brian, David, Joselyn & Matt Berry from Grant Bay, Ca. and Brian & Mitchell Sussman from Los Angeles, Ca. respectively.  Finally on December 18th the “Yahoo” 42ft Bertram released two Striped Marlin between 120-130 lbs. outside of the Cerro  for Charlene and John Hattner de Keller, Texas and Jonathan Beyeler from Broadway, Va.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 64 Billfish this week with most successfully released consisting of 58 Striped Marlin, 3 Sailfish and 3 Blue Marlin.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado still being quite steady, ranging sizes from 10 to 30 lbs. “Adriana” 28ft Pisces got four dorados  at Migriño for Jeff & Sam Smith from Corpus Christy and Othis Johnson from Houston, Texas.  “Valerie” 35ft Pisces got three dorados with live bait in Pozo Cota for Kathy Sherman from Cheyenne, Wyoming and Linda & Burt Black from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Captain Ray & Fernando aboard “La Brisa” 31ft Pisces reeled four mahi-mahi estimated 15-30 lbs., at el Cerro del Golden for John Summer group visiting from Camden, Delaware.  “Shambala” 60ft vessel caught five dorados in Margaritas for Alan & Austin Jenkins, Carter Powell & Francis Straw from Sacramento, Ca. and the “Andrea” 28ft Pisces brought six dorados at La Ballena for Jeremy & John Highfill from Fairbanks, Alaska.  Panga “Poseidon” did reel a 35lbs wahoo in front of Cabo del Sol for Jeff Smith group and the “Adriana” 28ft Pisces brought another wahoo 20lbs. at Migriño.  Pangas has been quite successful for Marlin, wahoo and tunas; Panga 23ft “Jessica” Pisces got for the Bivins group six yellow fin tunas, football sizes and really good for lunch. Pisces clients got a total of 81 dorados, 14 tunas and 4 wahoos, representing the 43% for dorado  and the 12% for the Other species.

LOCATION: Pacific side: Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, La Ballena, Old light house, Cerro Golden, Margaritas. Sea of Cortes: Between Cabeza de Ballena, Cabo del Sol.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Cooler nights and mornings, sunny and hardly any wind, it feels like Christmas time!.
AVERAGE TEMPERATURE: Water: 78- 74F, Air: 68- 72F
BEST LURES: Live bait: caballito. Lures: Volador, tigrillo, rojo negro, verde negro.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by ADY MOYA

Pisces Sportfishing wishes you Feliz Navidad!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Dec 5 - 11, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 99%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 25%, Dorado 83%, Tuna 10%, Other 19%
BILLFISH:  The flurry of marlin activity we saw a couple of weeks ago, when boats reported multiple hook-ups did not last and we saw a substantial drop on billfish catches, however, we know fish are in the area, they are just not super hungry.  Besides, the majority of boats are concentrating on the sure thing which was dorado.  Nevertheless, we had some great catches and we were pleased to encounter a few late season blue marlin, still in the area due to warmer water temperatures.  Attitude Adjustment, a 46 ft. Bertram, had a double marlin day at San Jaime for anglers Philip Davis and Richard Ward – releasing a large striped marlin each, around 160 LBS as well as a pilot shark and six skipjacks.  This same day, December 9th it was our panga Poseidon fishing the other direction, on the edge of the 95 spot that released a small blue marlin, after it took a purple colored lure for long time Pisces friend Bob Sallis from Canada.  Next day out Pisces Ruthless had a blue marlin, this time on the Pacific, with this fish also taking a lure for Barry Reddick from Texas.  Not to be outdone, Tracy Ann went the opposite direction to the other boats and headed to Punta Gorda where they released three striped marlin on live bait, for Stephen Oppenheim and friends from California.  Top catch of the week though has to go to Pisces Bill Collector; they fished at San Jaime on December 11th and released an approximate 200 LB blue marlin, a striped marlin, a pilot shark and boated seven yellowfin tuna; for Paul Linden, Brandon Long and Joe Janovich from Nebraska.  Basically the billfish were spread out this week being found on both the Cortez and Pacific sides with more boats fishing the Pacific due to the strong dorado bite. A few sailfish were also caught.  Blue marlin tended to take lures whereas striped marlin and sailfish preferred live bait. Twenty five percent of Pisces anglers caught a total of 24 billfish consisting of 19 striped marlin, 3 blue marlin and 2 sailfish, all released.

OTHER SPECIES: Anglers had fun this week with double and triple hook ups on dorado up to 25 LBS, which is great as they had been conspicuously absent from our shores for months.  Catches concentrated on the Pacific from La Lobera up to Golden Gate, with areas like Elias Calles, Pozo de Cota and Migrino seeing most action. Tracy Ann had a busy day for Bob Sallis and party at Cerritos as they caught seventeen dorado in the 15 to 22 LB class, six released with a combination of bait and lures working.  Ruthless also had seventeen dorado, caught on December 8th at Gaspareno; five were released for William Hanner and Donovan Smith and friends.  Catches per boat ranged from one to fourteen with some exceptions; the average catch was around seven fish per boat.  Dorado was the most common catch this week with eighty three percent of our charters catching a total of 425 fish.  Some yellowfin tuna were caught this week, mostly at one of the spots famous for them, San Jaime.  The catches were of football size fish, no more than 15 LBS and catches of up to seven fish resulting in a total catch of 39 fish for ten percent of the boats.  A couple of boats had great mixed catches starting with Bill Collector on December 5th with Boston, Mass. Anglers Seth & Chris Frattasio on board; they did very well to release a 170 LB striped marlin, a pilot shark, boat four dorado and catch seven yellowfin tuna and thirteen skipjacks.  The Kilburg party from Scottsdale, Arizona had an outstanding day on Valerie with a sailfish released, four yellowfin tuna, two dorado and ten skipjacks (eight released).  Other catches were closer to shore and consisted of mainly skipjack and the odd sierra here and there.

LOCATION: Mostly Pacific, Gaspareno, La Lobera, Elias Calles, San Jaime, on the Cortez 95 spot and Punta Gorda.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear skies, with the exception of a sudden and heavy downpour accompanied by light winds on Friday night, seas mostly calm.
AVERAGE WATER TEMP: 79 F (first time below 80 F in months)
BEST LURES: Live caballito, pink/blue, purple, green/red, yellow, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Nov 20-27, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 86%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 85%, Dorado 70%, Tuna 9%, other 24%
BILLFISH: Another great week for late season blue marlin catches in Cabo!  We are not used to seeing all these blues so late in the year and surely this is the result of the “El Niño” current which has brought consistent warm water throughout the year and therefore steady, good catches.  Let's start with the Pisces 28ft “Adriana” who released a blue marlin estimated at 200 lbs. outside of la Herradura for Ulf Cristiansson and Lennart Arrenius visiting from Sweden. Pisces 38ft “C Rod” released another 200 lb. blue outside of el Cerro for William Gluckman and Sonia Schaeffer from New Jersey along with one Dorado and two yellow fin tuna. Pisces “Andrea” headed up to the San Jaime Bank and released yet another blue marlin for Allyson, Sean, Chris and Lizzie Park from Nashville, Texas. “Bill Collector” our 32 ft. Cabo, worked really hard and got a 350 lbs. blue marlin, forty miles out from Land’s End for Richard & Grey Simoncic and Joseph Zucarello from Paradise, Az.  To round up the blue marlin catches Pisces 55 ft. “Flora T” released 250 lbs. blue some way up the Pacific coast at Migriño, for Wade & Forrest Threadgill from Austin, TX.  Pisces “Speedwell” a 38 ft. Mediterranean released one Striped Marlin, one sailfish and one dorado for Jason Allen, Brian Van Holland and Narciso Flores from Laguna Hills, Ca. at La Antena close to Migriño.  Brian Dodd and friends from Colorado and Montana fished aboard 31ft Pisces “Tiburon” and were really pleased releasing their first Striped Marlin!  “Cabolero” released two Striped marlin and one dorado at the Old light house for John Thompson & Diana Goettle from Helena, Montana. Pisces 31ft “Rebecca” and 31ft “Tracy Ann” with our good friends Anders Lundgren of Sweden released two Striped Marlin, one Sailfish at the 95 Spot and two Striped Marlin at the 11.50 spot during their last trip of this year”.   Pisces “Ruthless” did well too with one striped marlin released and ten dorados at Elias Gaspareño for Ken & Elizabeth Kerr, Kevin and Laura Atamamuk from San Clemente. Pisces “Valerie” released two Striped Marlin and boated two dorados, two sierras and released two rooster fish at the Golden Gate for Susan, Eddie and Katie Janecheck from Costa Mesa & Sacramento, Ca.  Panga Poseidon released a striped marlin at the Old Lighthouse for Mike & Erin Elgru from South Carolina.  Eighty five percent of Pisces Anglers released a total of 79 billfish, consisting in 69 Striped Marlin, 5 Blue and 5 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado fishing was hot this week, with seventy of our clients catching a total of 341 dorado, ranging from 10 to 25 lbs. Tuna catches were on the slow side with just nine percent of our anglers bringing in a total of 35 yellow fin tuna, ranging in size from 10 to 15 lbs.  Four of our vessels brought in wahoo, whilst others caught rooster fish, needlefish and sierras which are excellent for making ceviche.  Pisces “Bill Collector” brought in eight dorados , with one released at La Ballena, on the Pacific side for the Stein Family visiting from Miami, Fl.  Pisces Shambala a  60 ft. Hatteras, caught five dorados at Elias Calles for Manuel Araujo and Stephanie & Matthew Mason from Houston, TX.  On November 25th the majority of boats had a great day for dorado fishing, such as Pisces “Tiburon”, “Ruthless”, “Tracy Ann” over at the Golden Gate. Pisces “Andrea” caught six tunas for Paul Smith and Tom Dufell from United Kingdom at San Jaime.  

LOCATION: Pacific Side -Golden Gate, La Ballena, San Jaime, El Faro, Elías Calles, Pescadero. Sea of Cortes: 11.50, 95 spot. 

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Rain on a couple of days which cause the port to be closed for two days due to tropical storm Sandra. Cool, nice, overcast, cloudy a little choppy. The outlook is for excellent fishing.


BEST LURES: live bait, green, pink, red/black, blue/white. 

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.



Monday, November 23, 2015

Pisces Speedwell Crew Wins at Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic

Pisces Sportfishing crews and anglers are showing theirs skills again – during the last fishing tournament of 2015 in Los Cabos! On Day 2 of The Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic Pisces Speedwell crew led by James Stewart from Andrews, Texas, reeled in 307-pound blue marlin, which got plenty of attention at the docks, and made the team very happy with $2,500 USD earned for the catch. This is the first ever qualifying blue marlin to be weighed in the history of the tournament. James and his group from Texas have fished every year in the Charter Classic since it began and it seems Speedwell was their lucky charm.

We need to mention Top Junior Angler honours, which went to 8-year-old Luca Chiavetta from San Jose, California who caught a 19.8-pound dorado aboard Pisces Bill Collector. Congrats Luca!

It’s been a good year for Pisces boats in the tournaments – 1st Place in the Tuna Tournament for Speedwell, 1st Place in the Bisbee East Cape for Hot Rod, Top Tuna in the Los Cabos Billfish for La Brisa and Day 1 Largest wahoo in the Tuna Tournament for Ruthless. We are proud of our hard working crews and talented anglers… Let’s see what next year will bring!

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Nov 14-20, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 87%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 74%, Dorado 26%, Tuna 14%, other 18%
BILLFISH: Another great and busy week in Cabo for billfish with an increase of thirty one percent over last week.   We are still seeing a late run of Blue Marlin in the area coming in general from different fishing grounds spread over the Pacific side and the Cortez side.  Art Hevener, Sean Ziconi and the rest of the Hevener´s gang Arthur and William, released a 350 lbs. blue marlin on November 16th aboard the 31ft Halcon.  The group of Anders Lundgren from Sweden on their yearly visit to Cabo managed to release a blue marlin on Pisces “Tiburon” outside of the 11.50 spot.  Twenty eight foot  Pisces “Andrea” went all the way to the Golden Gate making a memorable trip for father and son Jim and Brandon Boyd, from Bal Harbor, FL. Released a 200 lb. blue; good job guys!  On the other hand Stefan Trumstedt, Kjell Ljunggren and Jens Bergstrom had a great fight on the Pisces “Rebecca” releasing another blue marlin and four striped marlin on November 18th.  But we have more!  Another group visiting from England, headed up by Bob Challis, Peter Gurd and Paul Smith did well on the 35ft Valerie releasing a 250 lbs. blue marlin at Cabeza de Ballena in the Sea of Cortez.  Pisces 32 ft. “Bill Collector” with Brian & Lori Swift, James and Wendy Yale from Texas aboard did well releasing a 210 lbs. blue marlin and dorados over at San Jaime Bank. Pisces 38ft “C Rod” our most recent winner from the Tuna Tournament battled another blue marlin for William Gluckman and Sonia Schaefer from New Jersey.  More Swedish anglers in town!  Ulf Christiansen and Lennart Arrenius, first timers are huge billfish fans and decided to visit our areas, which paid off as they released a blue marlin and a sailfish aboard the 28ft Pisces “Adriana”; they are promising to return next year!  Loads of striped marlin released as well!  Pisces 35ft “Listo” released three striped marlin at San Jaime, with the Alexis Hodges group, Cecile, Angie and James visiting from Woodrock, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona.  Pisces “Shambala” our 60 ft. Hatteras had one of the rarest of billfish catches, a Shortbill Pacific Spearfish, a fish few anglers can claim to have caught in the Los Cabos area.   Captain Nayo mentioned this is his first one in over 40 years fishing!  The crew also managed to release a Striped Marlin at the Herradura for the John Pappanastos group visiting from Houston, Dallas. That’s what we call lucky!  The fish was kept for local scientists to study. Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” was hot on November 18th releasing four Striped Marlin and two dorados for Bruce Tysor and friends visiting from Sidney, Iowa at Punta Lobos.  Our good friend Bob Stewart and friends aboard the 38ft Pisces “Speedwell” released a 307 lbs. blue marlin, one Striped Marlin, two dorados and one rooster at Migriño putting them in top spot at the Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic Tournament.  “Flora T” fished at Elias Calles, on the Pacific side and released a black marlin estimated at 220 lbs.  The anglers Steve Dick and Kristen Worth from Seattle, Washington were very happy!  Pisces 31 ft.  “Cabolero” released a sailfish and six tunas at the Old light house for Chris Zanoni, Paul Dornell, Steve Bankis and Thomas Hafner all of them visiting from California. 43% of Pisces anglers caught a total 73 billfish this week with most successfully released, consisting of 54 Striped Marlin, 8 Blue Marlin, 9 Sailfish, 1 Black Marlin and 1 Spearfish.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado and tuna were quite popular this week; with sizes ranging from 10 to 30 lbs. Pisces “Adriana” found a school of yellow fin tuna outside of San Jaime for Jacob and Tim Brownlee from Austin, TX. 30 lbs. dorados spotted at Cabeza de Ballena aboard the panga” Tres Amigos” with our good friend Bob Dicheck  and frineds visiting from New Jersey.  Welcome back Bob!  Pisces “Tracy Ann” managed four tunas at the 220 spot for our Swedish group as well.  “Hot Rod” brought in 38 lbs. wahoo off of Pescadero with Jake and Stephanie Burnside from Houston, Texas.  Pisces 42ft “Yahoo” and Captain Ricardo Escamilla released 9 out of 10 dorados for Walter and Valinda Weible from Houston, Texas and James Hedge and Scott Hamilton from Orlando, Florida.  Good Job!  The dorado were 18 to 30 lbs. with the best spot at Golden Gate.  Inshore we caught Jack Crevelle, needlefish, roosterfish from 3 to 8 lbs. all taken on the Pacific side.  Forty percent of our anglers caught 76 Dorado and 88 yellowfin tunas, eight percent of the catches were of other species such as wahoo and inshore smaller fish.

Pacific side: Golden Gate, Jaime Banks, 33 miles out of the hill, Elias Calles, Margaritas, Cerros de Arena, Pozo Cota. 
Sea of Cortes: Cabeza de Ballena, 11.50

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny, fresh some days windy over the Pacific.
BEST LURES: live bait, green, pink, red/black, blue/white. 

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.