Monday, July 20, 2015

World Record Dorado Caught in Cabo San Lucas

A few days ago a group of guys came into the office after their days’ fishing aboard Pisces 60 ft. Hatteras Shambala they were excited and sunburnt and eager to get some Pisces Sportfishing shirts.  We asked the group what they had caught and were stunned when 33 year old Brian Lindsey, a  physician from Indianola, Mississippi , said that he had landed a 102 lb. dorado.  We thought, well he’s probably a first timer and confused, he probably got a marlin.  So we asked what color his fish was to which he replied “yellow”, intrigued, we asked to see pictures.  Brian’s dad, Tracy, a long time Pisces angler, whipped out his camera and proceeded to show us a massive dorado which looked big in photos but enormous in the video.  
Our first thought with our practiced eye, was “that looks like a 60 to 70 lb. fish”.  So we asked how he had come up with weight and were told that they had weighed it on a spring type hand scale and that it had said 102 lbs., just before the fish had been taken away by the fillet guys.  One of the staff called the dock to tell the fillet guys NOT to cut that fish up, but we were told it had been filleted as quickly as possible due to the hot weather, so that the meat would not spoil.  Now we wanted to try and verify the weight if possible and at the same time quickly entered the IGFA website to check the world record.  If the fish truly weighed 102 lbs., we knew without looking that this would be the biggest dorado ever caught on rod and reel.  The website revealed that the all tackle world record (the largest dorado ever legally caught on any kind of test line) was an 87 lb. fish caught in Costa Rica, a record held since 1976.
We happened to have an identical scale in the office so decided to test it by asking Captain Tony’s restaurant next door, for a product with a verified weight. They handed us a 4.4 lb. block of cheese, which when weighed on the scale, showed that the scale was pretty accurate.  It just happened that a group of scientists from the Mexican Fisheries Institute were having lunch at Captain Tony’s so we asked them to help verify the weight.  They asked for the length of the fish, which was 66 inches and we were told that the carcass weighed 36 lbs.  They used a scientific formula which gave them a result of 94 lbs., however, they said that they wanted to verify this with one of their colleagues who is an expert in dorado and asked for the photos and video – as of yet they have still not reached a final conclusion.  The fish had struck the silver and black trolled lure with the ferocity of a marlin, just two miles offshore near Pozo de Cota on the Pacific side and took Brian thirty minutes to bring to the boat on 50 lb. test line.  
The jury is out still, if the weight is true, this fish would have been the all tackle world record, but a filleted fish cannot be a record… nevertheless this was a magnificent fish and a remarkable achievement by Brian Lindsey.  It also shows that Cabo San Lucas is still a world class fishing destination.
See the video below:

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report July 11 - 17, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 89%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 51%, Dorado 45%, Tuna 37%, Other 13%

BILLFISH:  This week we have a much shorter report than normal as the port was closed for three days due to the proximity of hurricane Dolores.  The storm caused no ill effects in Cabo except for big surf and a smattering or rain but as a precaution the boats were told to stay in, leaving many anglers frustrated as they didn’t get to fish.  The fishing was exactly as it should be at this time of year, with a bit of a drop on striped marlin and an increase on blue marlin and sailfish.  We had several blue marlin this week; David Gonzalez from Houston, got a nice fish on Speedwell as did the Bowen family from Emmett Idaho, who caught a blue marlin estimated at 160 lbs. at the 95 spot aboard Rebecca.  July 13th saw 28 ft. Andrea catch a 300 lb. blue marlin at the Herradura on an orange and black lure for Claude & Kathy Callahan from Virginia.  This same day Tracy Ann had a smaller blue in the same area for Houston anglers, the Villarreal family.  Surprise of the week was for Cody Jeffcott from North Carolina, who had rented a panga by himself; he was shocked to catch a 360 lb. blue marlin just five miles off of Lands’ End as well as four tuna and two dorado. Buddies Jaxon Bates and Brad Jacobs from Boise, Idaho & Snohomish, WA, respectively were thrilled with the fishing and service they received aboard Tracy Ann where they were able to release a striped marlin each in the 120 lb. class on July 14th.  The majority of the fishing was on the Pacific side this week with a good success rate, though there were some boats “skunked” mostly those who opted for half days.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 27 billfish this week consisting of 17 striped marlin, 5 sailfish & 5 blue marlin.

OTHER SPECIES:  It was nice to see the dorado starting to appear this week – right on time for the Dorado Shoot Out at Los Barriles and another dorado tournament out of Cabo San Lucas.  The fish however tended to be on the small side, though some medium size fish were caught, such as a 25 lb. fish on Rebecca who had a total of ten ranging in weight from 10 lbs. upwards to the largest mentioned here.  Some of the dorado were as small as 3 or 4 lbs. and were released. Our total dorado catch was of 68 fish with some boats catching as many as fourteen in a day.  Tuna catches were of small school size fish with catches of between one and thirteen fish for thirty seven percent of our charters.  No real size to any of the tuna this week in the Cabo area, though we did hear of a 300 lb. plus tuna out of San Jose.  With the big surf inshore fishing was not great but we did catch triggerfish, skipjacks and needle fish.  A few wahoo were caught whilst trolling but none over 40 lbs.

LOCATION: Herradura, San Jaime, Pozo Cota, Old Lighthouse 3-10 miles out, Migrino, Golden Gate.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Port closed three days, big waves, partly cloudy skies, seas now flat.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, green/yellow, purple, white/blue, orange/black

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report July 4 - 10, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 95%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 56%, Tuna 30%, Dorado 17%, Other 16%

BILLFISH:  This week we saw excellent fishing resulting in ninety five percent of our charters catching fish – the first couple of days of the week though, we saw several boats “skunked” as the fish moved around and would not settle on one location.  The hot weather brought blue marlin, with the largest being a 380 lb’er caught by Australian angler Angelo Abela aboard Attitude Adjustment (that’s a lot of “A’s”).  The fish took a live caballito and was safely released at the 11.50 spot.  Pisces C Rod did very well to release three blue marlin on three consecutive days, July 6th, 7th & 8th;  all were close to 200 lbs. and were caught at the 11.50 spot – they also released a couple of striped marlin on these same dates.  Michael & Alex Jennings from Orange County, California had a fabulous day aboard Pisces Speedwell fishing at the 95 spot they released a 300 lb. blue marlin, a sailfish and landed a yellowfin tuna and skipjack.  Mexican anglers Jaime & Diego Williams were pleased with their billfish catch of an almost 200 lb. blue marlin and a sailfish aboard Valerie on July 6th.  The Andrea had a 200 lb. plus blue marlin that they caught on a Chiwillie lure in front of San Pedrito for Yance Warbel from Colorado, who also boated a tuna.   The Widner family from Austin, Texas, fished aboard Ruthless and did well to release on of the biggest striped marlin we’ve seen in a while at 200 lbs. (estimated).  Tracy Ann made the fish report this week for three striped marlin released for the Vanderburg family from Texas – their fish took live caballito and were caught on the Pacific side between Elias Calles and Golden Gate.  A nice mixed bag day was had by Andrea on July 7th with a striped marlin, pilot shark & twenty two tuna.  There could have been more billfish catches but many anglers decided to try for tuna.  Our anglers caught a total of 65 billfish this week, consisting of 46 striped marlin, 8 blue marlin & 11 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES:  The tuna schools move around a lot and this week the catches were better on the Pacific and in fact the largest of the week was caught near Golden Gate aboard Valerie - the 190 lb. fish was caught by Zachary & Leigh Veal and was taken on a yellow & black lure.  A group from Texas, headed up by Brad Spalding did very well to catch seventeen yellowfin tuna thirty miles out from Lands’ End aboard Tracy Ann.  The fish ranged in size from 20 to 130 lbs.  The Valerie had one of the best tuna days, catching thirty football size tuna plus five skipjacks at the Golden Gate for Kevin & Cameron Calogne from Houston, Texas.  Other tuna catches were of one to sixteen fish, with thirty percent of our boats catching this species.  Our total tuna count was 298 fish.  Dorado catches were a lot slower with just 18 caught this week, usually just a lone fish and more occasionally two – there was one exceptionally large dorado but that warrants a separate story – check back tomorrow for that one.  We had several wahoo in the 30 lb class.  The largest wahoo this week was caught by Matt Dutile from Astoria New York aboard Rebecca and was 40 lbs. class as well as a few roosterfish.  Two pilot, one mako and one hammerhead shark were all released.  The only other catches for us this report were skipjacks found inshore.  Pangas had slim pickings inshore this past week with catches being skipjacks and the odd marlin.

LOCATION: Both Cortez and Pacific – tuna more on the Pacific along with striped marlin, blue marlin & sailfish on the Cortez side. Dorado spread out.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Hot, mostly clear skies, still a nice breeze on the Pacific.
BEST LURES: Green/black, yellow/black, live bait, cedar plugs.
Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A Touching Story About Father and Son Fishing Tradition in Cabo

This is a little story about father & son fishing tradition in Cabo, a vintage 25 Pisces cap and soul fishing.  A big thank you goes to Robert for sharing his story with us, we are honored to have him, his dad, and their loved ones in Pisces family!

One day in May, when we were welcoming back our anglers at the dock, we started talking to Robert, from Signal Hills, CA.  He and his team had a great fishing day with 4 marlins caught and released, among others.  Robert said that the last time he caught a marlin was about 15 years ago on his fishing trip with his dad - they fished with Pisces aboard Rebecca boat.  He remembers it was a good fishing day, as they returned at 11 am with 3 marlins and 3 dorados.

This time, he was fishing aboard C-Rod with his wife Debbie and Teddie & Nasta from Signal Hills, CA.  We noticed that his cap has a Pisces logo on, and as we haven’t even remembered of this model any more, we asked him about it.  Robert explained that it was his father’s, who passed away 3 years ago.  His mother found the cap 2 days before Robert’s flight to Cabo, and gave it to him for good luck.  The dad bought the cap on his first fishing trip with Pisces about 25 years ago! 

It seems that this vintage Pisces cap really was a good luck charm, because after 15 years of fishing without catching any marlin, Robert had a fantastic fishing day yesterday. We believe his dad was soul fishing with them as well!

Their catch: 
- 4 Striped Marlin 120 to 140 Lbs aprox released
- 1 Dorado 20 Lbs
- 1 Pilot Shark 120 Lbs aprox released
- 1 Big Thresher Shark 170 – 180 Lbs aprox released
Robert & Debbie and Teddie & Nasta from Signal Hills, CA

Pictured: Our guest Angler Robert Adam (in the middle) with the crew of “C-ROD” Captain Abel Ramirez (red shirt) and Mate Daniel Alcaraz (White shirt and blue cap).


Monday, July 06, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report June 27 to July 3, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 84%, Tuna 21%, Other 33%
Brian, Chris, Ed, Scott and Tom from Florida and Georgia were the lucky anglers aboard our 31 ft Cabolero, who caught (and released) 2 striped marlins, 6 dorados and 2 yellowin tunas, all in one fishing trip. 
BILLFISH: Wow what an incredible week; fishing was hot with multiple catches of blue & striped marlin as well as sailfish.  The week culminated in the Stars and Stripes tournament, a fun, well run event, which raised over two million dollars for charity. One of our top boats was Pisces Listo which on June 27th released ten striped marlin & a 300 lb. blue marlin for team SoCal anglers during the Stars & Stripes event.  Samantha Everhardt from Texas released a 320 lb. blue marlin, which took her just an hour and 15 minutes to subdue, whilst her companion Kyle, released a striped marlin  around 120 lbs.; both fish were caught at Destiladeras aboard Pisces Rebecca.  Blue marlin are a definite goal for anglers that have been fishing Cabo for years and have released striped marlin, but these bigger fish are more elusive and fewer and farther between, this week though we had first time anglers as well as repeat clients that were able to get a blue.  Jen, Brad & Mark Hoffman from Gainesville, Florida had a blue marlin that took them four hours to fight to the boat before releasing the approximately 300 lb. fish – they also released a striped marlin aboard Pisces Andrea.  Rick Walsh, long time Pisces angler was able to release a blue marlin close to 250 lbs. aboard Rebecca also at Destiladeras.  Ruthless, Speedwell & Cabolero each released a blue marlin in the 200 to 250 lb. class on July 2nd with lures of various colors the trick to getting a hook up.   Deddi & Eddie West from North Carolina were some of the only anglers that went to the Pacific side; Captain Julio guided them to San Jaime aboard Tracy Ann where they released six striped marlin & boated a wahoo.  La Brisa had a super busy day Tom Ginn & friends on June 29th, they took up a huge space on our fish report with three striped marlin, a sailfish, two pilot sharks, two yellowfin tuna and four skipjacks.  Remember the hotter the weather the hotter the fishing.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 71 billfish, consisting of 54 striped marlin, 8 blue marlin and 9 sailfish released.

OTHER SPECIES:  There were some good yellowfin tuna catches with some boats able to catch up to 24 in a day, mostly of school size but there were also some sizeable ones, such as 155 lb’er caught aboard Shambala by Tampa, Florida anglers who also released two striped marlin.  This same day Bill Collector landed a 147 lb. tuna for Mark Chiavetta, the largest of fourteen caught by this group, as well a striped marlin release.  The pilot sharks don’t seem to want to leave as they are still mixed in with the striped marlin and we had ten released this week.  Dorado catches were on the slow side with just a few caught here and there.  We did have some nice roosterfish, such as a 45 lb. fish caught aboard Pisces Valerie; these anglers lucked out as they also caught seven dorado and eleven skipjack.  Jack crevalle, amberjack & skipjacks rounded out the rest of the catches.

LOCATION: Destiladeras, 11.50 spot, Punta Gorda, 95 spot, off of Cerro Colorado.
WEATHER: hot, skies mostly clear, seas calm.
BEST LURES: live bait for striped marlin, lures for blue marlin, cedar plugs for tuna.
Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report June 20th to 26th, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 98%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 16%, Tuna 80%, Dorado 4%, Other 12%

BILLFISH:  Another great week for fishing in Cabo!  Or we should call it the Tuna week!  We have been waiting for the tuna to appear down in our waters and did not disappoint to our anglers at all, but let's come back to our Billfish which was great.  Carl Smith and Joseph McCorvey from Hockley, Texas fought a Blue Marlin weight estimated over 180 lb. aboard Pisces Ruthless with our beloved Leon Camacho who yesterday put again a Blue in his line participating with the Stars and Stripes Tournament.  Brad Rau from Minneapolis released another blue, weight estimated of 250 lb. at Palmilla area.  Pisces Adriana boat got a blue marlin 14 miles out of Cabo Real with a “clown lure”, (local name by the Cabo crews) with a variety of colors.  The Striped Marlin has been spreading in different areas of the sea of Cortes to the Pacific side, from  Palmilla, to the 11.50 spot, in front of the Cabo Bay going out about 30 miles out, the Old light House spot and other fishing grounds over the Pacific side all the way to San Jaime.  The Marlin is everywhere and this is a glance of the upcoming high season!  On June 22nd Pisces Flora T with Captain “Toto” put Brad Jauer´s group in action with two striped marlin released and one yellow fin tuna at the 95 spot, visiting from San Antonio, Tx.  We had two sailfish released in the same fishing ground aboard the 28ft Adriana, weight estimated  60 lb. for Ana, Jennifer y Tony Gonzalez visiting from Alburqueque, New Mexico.  The Billfish was spotted mainly with live bait, the traditional “caballito”.  Pisces Cabolero did fantastic releasing three striped marlin weight estimated 130 lb., six dorados and two tunas with the group of Brian Nugent, Barker, Allison, Brock and Couch from Florida and Georgia.

16% of our boats caught billfish this week breaking down in 45 striped marlin,  3 blue marlin one of them was lost during the fight and two sailfish total of 50 billfish.  All the fish were successfully released but one that unfortunately got wrapped in the line.

OTHER SPECIES:  The yellow fin tuna was outstanding and impressive, boats spot from six, twelve, and twenty tunas per vessel!  Tim Gray, Gary Chawk from Palo Alto, Ca. shared Pisces Adriana boat with Ashley and Dominic Richard from Orange County and managed tunas from 20, 30 50 and 80 lb.  Dominic was celebrating his birthday!, what a way to spend the day reeling huge tunas!  Outside of the 180 spot Pisces C Rod found tunas from 10 to 130 and 150 lb. for The Solomon family visiting from Alpharetta, Georgia;  Tracy Ann reeled a 100 lb. with Dylan and Thomas Eads and Mark and Markus McGuire from San Clemente, Ca. give them a good fight.  Again with Tracy Ann Bobby Samuel´s group from Midland, Texas fought 130 and 150 lb. tunas, 30 miles out of the 95 spot.  Pisces Bill Collector did good catching tunas ranging in the 160 lb. outside of the 11.50 spot with Michael and Becky Hurley from Virginia.  31ft Rebecca with Jr. and Luis  did their own action with tunas of 130 lb., 21 miles out of the Cerro with the group of Carter, Beavers and Baxter from North Richland Hills, Tx.  Aboard Pisces Valerie Amy and Troy Strawn and Kelly & Mike Ayers fought 2 tunas of 180 lb. for over 3 hours!  On the 11.50 spot 35 miles out.  As to Dorado or Mahi Mahi our crews were able to spot some and caught about 20-25 lbs 28 miles out to the South with 31ft La Brisa with Hazlett and Kline party visiting from Dana Point, Ca. and C Rod great and tasty catch!

80% of our boats caught tuna, breaking down in 256 tunas and 10 dorados.  Our crews released three pilot sharks in Punta Gorda between 60-90 lb aboard Ruthless with the group of Noynaert & Gidley visiting from College Station, Tx. And aboard Bill Collector with Erika Fritz and Barret Blevins, New Braunfles, Tx. Panga Salsa had a good day with Tom Eads group bringing amberjack, sierra and skipjacks ranging from 5 to 10 lb. and panga Gloria did great with one rooster, one red snapper and needlefish from 20 to 18 lb. with Clay Montgomery from Minnesota.

WEATHER: The summer started officially, a little windy over the Sea of Cortes and Pacific side which gives a nice cool sensation to everybody local and tourists. Calm seas.
LOCATION: San Jaime, 180 spot, 210 spot, Cabrillo,35 miles out Old light house, for tuna, marlin were found from the 11.50 spot, 95 spot, 30 miles out of the hill, the Old Lighthouse to Punta Gorda.
BEST LURES: live caballito, orange/black, green, guacamayo, payaso, green-blue and cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report June 13 - 19, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 90%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 62%, Tuna 12%, Dorado 11%, Other 49%

BILLFISH:  Cabo San Lucas experienced great fishing again this week with striped marlin remaining steady and more sailfish starting to appear.  As well as billfish we are starting to see more table fish showing up, with dorado starting to put in an appearance as well as some nice tuna and a bunch of inshore fish.  The honeymoon with the 11.50 seems to be over for the time being as the fish moved on to other locations.  With the concentration broken up boats were able to manage catches of one to four marlin per day, when not heading out in search of tuna.   Pisces Listo released four stripers up to 140 lbs. off of Lands’ End for the Moore family from Colorado Springs – the fish a took a combination of live bait and lures.  This same day, June 17th, Pisces C Rod also released four marlin between Lands’ End and the lighthouse, all on caballito for a group from Brea, California.  The fish were spread out from Land’s End to Palmilla and on some days were closer to Chileno.  A few sailfish were picked up with the marlin and averaged 70 lbs.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 99 billfish this week with all but two released – 96 striped marlin and 3 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES:  This week was a virtual bonanza with wahoo, tuna, dorado, sharks, jack crevalle, triggerfish, bonita, roosterfish, needlefish, grouper, snapper and amberjack caught.  What anglers were most excited about were the tuna, with some huge fish being caught well over 100 lbs., whilst others caught school size fish in the 15 to 25 lb. class.  Some of the better catches of tuna were out of the 180 spot and Destiladeras, which is up past San Jose.  Brett, Brianne, Tyler & Briley Bradford, from Texas had a great day aboard Rebecca landing dorado and a tuna that nudged in over 100 lbs.  Only twelve percent of our boats targeted tuna but they managed to catch a total of 42 fish.  Dorado catches were a little slower, but this won’t be for long, as the summer progresses their numbers should climb.  It was nice to see some wahoo of a good size in the 40 to 50 lb. class.  Doneene Loar from Treasure Island, Florida landed a beautiful 51 lb. specimen aboard Pisces Andrea as well as a dorado.  Sharks remain in the area, mostly pilot sharks in the 70 to 80 lb. class, as well as one black tip – all were released.  Michael Sandman from Ellenberg, Washington caught a very nice roosterfish, estimated at 50 lbs., as well two huge sierras one was reported to be 18 lbs., which if they had verified would have equaled the all tackle world record set in Ecuador in 1990.  Lots of jack crevalle this week with boats catching a marlin or two then fishing or jacks closer in with catches of up to seven fish in a day.  Many boats had fantastic mixed days, such as Flora T with two striped marlin released, a 40 lb. wahoo and three jack crevalle for a group from Dallas.  Another example would be C Rod with two marlin released, a pilot shark released, one tuna and three jack crevalle.

: Windy on the Pacific, sunny but breezy, seas mostly calm on the Cortez side with wind in the afternoons.

LOCATION: Pacific for roosterfish, needlefish  & other small game, near the lighthouse, other species at Cabeza de Ballena, Lands’ End, Cabo Real, Palmilla.


BEST LURES: Live caballito, orange/black, black/green, green/yellow.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report June 6 - 12, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 80%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 76%, Other 33%
Striped marlin by Kim Lawhead, released on Pisces Tracy Ann
They look so much better alive & are a valuable resource to keep tourism jobs safe for the future.
Please do not consume marlin at restaurants & taco stands. It is illegal & there are other options, let the change began with you!

BILLFISH:  With hurricane Blanca close to Cabo last week, the Port Captain closed the harbor to all navigation for three days as a precaution, so numbers are lower this week, due to the fact that simply less boats went fishing.  The water was a bit different after the storm in that it was quite green, but did not have much debris, as rains were not heavy.  It’s generally true that after a storm it takes a couple of days for fishing to settle down as the crews have to relocate the fish, currents and water temperatures and this was the case this past week, where for the first few days after the port was opened, quite a few boats were “skunked”.  On the other hand we had some nice catches of blue marlin, which are a little early this year due to hotter than normal weather.  The largest blue for us was caught aboard 38 ft. Pisces Speedwell  estimated at 350 lbs. caught the 11.50 spot by James & Sally Sullivan from San Antonio, Texas  on a guacamaya lure;  they also released a striped marlin estimated at 120 lbs.  On June 9th Pisces La Brisa fished the same location and released a 250 lb. blue marlin which took a live caballito as well as a striped marlin for the Burnell family from Lafayette, Louisiana.  This same day Pisces Rebecca had an exceptional day for Frank & Ulrike Hevener from Pennsylvania, with a blue marlin a little under 200 lbs. and three striped marlin; all were caught at the 11.50 on live bait.  The Panga Poseidon fought a 250 lb. blue marlin six miles out from Chileno before eventually losing it.  They weren’t the only losers; Pisces C Rod released a pilot shark for Thomas Hathaway and then spotted a swordfish which they successfully hooked up on live bait at the 95 spot.  The fish was a good size between 250 and 300 lbs. and very tough on 50 lb. test.  They reeled away for hours, until the anglers were exhausted and handed the tackle over to the crew, who also pumped away at the rod until they had it almost to the boat, where it broke off after the six hour fight.  We did hear of another swordfish the same day, making it back to port around 150 lbs. on another boat – the green water always seems to draw them in.   Striped marlin action was good this week with catches of one to three marlin common per boat.  Our hottest boat was Pisces Cabolero with six released on June 10th for David Clarke and friends from Anderson, South Carolina. The fish ranged from 90 to 130 lbs. and took live bait at the 11.50 spot.  June 11th, saw Pisces Tracy Ann & Rebecca, both 31 ft. Bertram’s, have almost identical catches, as they each released four striped marlin and a pilot shark each.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 63 striped marlin, 3 blue marlin and 1 sailfish this week – only two fish were kept.
Roosterfish release aboard Panga Poseidon, Pisces Sportfishing Cabo, Mexico

OTHER SPECIES:  Most of the action other than marlin this week for Pisces Sportfishing boats concentrated on smaller game aboard pangas, where we saw good numbers of roosterfish, fair amounts of grouper, jack crevalle and the odd snapper and triggerfish.  Pilot sharks are still around and found amongst the marlin but not in the same numbers as previous weeks and are now a little smaller in the 60-70 lb. class.  We only had a couple of small dorado and tuna but know that some other boats did find some big tunas in the 50 to 150 lb. class.
LOCATION:  11.50 and 95 spots.
WEATHER:  Stormy weather with winds up to 70 mph on the Pacific and some rain, followed by bumpy seas for a couple of days, then calm.
BEST LURES:  live bait, guacamaya

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report May 29 - June 5

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 80%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 69%, Sharks 15%, Dorado 12%, Other 10%
Greg & Zane Cantrell from Tennessee release a striper aboard Andrea.
BILLFISH:  Even with a full moon this week, billfish catches were very good. The striped marlin are still present in good numbers with the 11.50 spot still holding as the top location.  As the week progressed the weather became very muggy as a depression formed below us that turned into Hurricane Blanca – not all bad, that kind of weather, when it gets really hot, produces blue marlin and we had two this week.  Speedwell had anglers Dave Thelen, Scott Wolf & Emily West on board when they hooked blue marlin on a guacamaya lure that was estimated at 230 lbs.  - they also caught a 20 lb. dorado.  On the last day of this report Valerie  had anglers from Alberta, Canada n board, headed up by Daniel Loeb – their fish also took a lure, but a yellow and green one and was estimated at 250 lbs.  The striped marlin stuck to live bait and Yahoo was fortunate to release five marlin up to 150 lbs. just below the 11.50 spot for Carey & Richard Kernion and friends.  This same day, June 1st, Tracy Ann was not far behind with four marlin in the same class for the Ross family from Lufkin, Texas.  There were plenty of other catches of one to three fish per boat per day and even a sailfish.  Marlin were by far the most abundant species this week accounting for sixty nine percent of the catch.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 73 billfish consisting of 70 striped marlin, 2 blue marlin and 1 sailfish – 98% were released.
Trey, Tyler & Patrick three friends fished aboard the aptly name panga  “Tres Amigos” – nice mix.
OTHER SPECIES:  Over a decade ago catching sharks was quite common, then we went through dry years where hardly any were caught and when they were, they were small in the 20 to 40 lb. class.  Thing have changed and they have made a comeback with multiple shark catches common right now and of different varieties.  For instance on May 30th Yahoo had an outstanding day for the Bryan family from Mississippi, releasing two striped marlin two thresher sharks over 100 lbs. and one pilot shark around 80 lbs.  D.J Novotney also released two thresher sharks around 120 lbs. plus a striped marlin aboard C Rod and Valerie released three pilot sharks between 70 and 80 lbs. as well as landing our only tuna of the week for David McBride and party from Louisiana. Our only wahoo of the week was a 40 lb’er caught aboard  Bill Collector by Mark Chiavetta.  The pangas we sent out caught jack crevalle, grouper, triggerfish, sheephead and bonitas.
LOCATION: Sea of Cortez 11.50 spot.
WEATHER: Hot and humid all week, with tropical storm Blanca causing the port to be closed at present.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, green/orange/yellow, dorado colors.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report May 23 - 28, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 95%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 89%, Other 43%

BILLFISH:  A superb week in Cabo with superb catches throughout the week.  The good old days are back!  Striped marlin were thick and a few sailfish and blue marlin were in the mix too.  The Papazyam family from Los Angeles had one of the best catches of the week when they released six striped marlin in one day aboard 28 ft. Adriana at the 11.50 spot, which has been holding impressive numbers of marlin for the past two weeks.  This same day May 24th Valerie released five marlin for another family from Los Angeles – these fish weighed from 100 to 150 lbs.  and were all caught on live bait, also at the 11.50 spot.  On May 26th, Flora T did very well to release six marlin for Robert & Trevor Patel from Atlanta.  A really outstanding day was had by C Rod for Robert & Debbie Adams and friends; they released four striped marlin, a 180 lb. thresher shark, 120 lb. pilot shark both released and a 20 lb. dorado for the table.  Ruthless released five marlin for John & Katie Staples and we had many catches like this as the week went on.  Anglers regularly caught and released between one and five marlin, as well as many sharks.  Attitude Adjustment was our only boat to catch a blue marlin, just under 200 lbs., and this one was caught five miles outside the 11.50.  Pisces Sportfishing anglers caught a total of 154 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 2 sailfish; all but two fish were released.

OTHER SPECIES:  A lot of sharks were caught this week and many of a good size in  the 80 to 180 lb. class.  The most abundant was the pilot shark, which we believe is a silky shark – we had twenty two of these this week, as well as three thresher sharks, one bull shark and one mako shark.  Some boats caught as many as three sharks in a day.  It should be noted that all sharks are being released at this time as there is a ban on taking these until July 31st.  Just a smattering of dorado were caught.  Inshore fishing had some slow days, where pangas got skunked but on other days they did well on jack crevalle, grouper and triggerfish.  Roosterfish, wahoo, group and skipjacks were caught in lesser amounts.

LOCATION: 11.50 spot, Chileno, Punta Gorda.
WEATHER CONDITIONS:  Hot, clear sunny skies, calm to moderate seas.
BEST LURES:  Live bait.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg