Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest Fish Report

February 12th to February 18th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 83.34%

BILLFISH: The billfish catches were steady this week with twenty two percent of boats releasing striped marlin, despite full moon at the end of this report. There has been a shortage of good live bait, caballito was available most days, not the very best marlin bait, but even then bait vendors did not have enough. This didn’t stop “Ruthless” though, who with captain Leon and deckhand Beto managed to release two striped marlin estimated 140 and 150 lbs on the 18th for Greg Callaway and friends from Houston, TX at Punta Gorda. One of this marlin took live caballito and the other a calamari lure. This same day, “Tracy Ann” released one striper in the 160 lbs class for a group from Temple, Texas in the same area. “C-Rod” also released another striped marlin on the 16th for Thomas and Rachel Hill and friends from Idaho twenty five miles out from Chileno; they also boated one 20 lbs yellow fin tuna which took a cedar plug. It’s rare that “Shambala” does not catch fish and true to form they also released a marlin for a group from Saint Louis, Missouri four miles out from Cabeza de Ballena. Looks like most of the marlin are at the Sea of Cortez. All the marlin were released this week and we are pleased to see a good size to them. Pisces anglers released ten striped marlin.

OTHER SPECIES: The number one catch of this week was sierra (Spanish mackerel) thirty six percent of our boats caught this tasty toothy fish, for a total count of 198 fish up to 10 lbs. On the 16th, “Tracy Ann” had 35 sierras between 8 to 10 lbs for Michael and Brenda Pinskey from Richmond, Michigan at Elias Calles. “Rebecca” had 34 sierras at the same spot for Al and Don Kodet from Minnesota; they also caught four bonitas; the fish took hoochis and rapalas – the majority of sierra are being released. Our anglers also tried some bottom; “La Brisa” out on the 18th with George & Linda Cunningham from Castle Rock, CO caught five sierra, four 20 lbs yellow tail, two mojarras and one sea bass with a mix of live bait and hoochis – what a fun day. Dorado was on the slow side this week, with only a couple of them caught. On the 16th, Thomas and Amanda Altstadt along with their daughters caught a 25 lb dorado aboard “Adriana” at the 95 spot. Yellow fin tuna catches decreased this week as our anglers preferred to stay closer in or go in search of marlin. Fifteen percent of our boats caught between one and four fish. On the 17th “Bill Collector” had a good day boating four yellow fin tuna, football size, for the Hendricks’s from North Carolina and Arizona; they also released one striped marlin, six skipjacks and bonitas. The fish were caught at Punta Gorda. “Tracy Ann” also caught four tuna for Rod and Nina Pace from Tucson, Arizona on the 13th. This time, they went 40 miles straight out near the 220 spot; the fish took cedar plugs.

As to other species we had yellow tail, mojarra, sea bass, rooster fish, jack crevalle, skip jack and many bonitas.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies. Some windy days. Mostly calm seas. Warmer weather.

LOCATION: Pacific Side _ MigriƱo, Cerro Blanco, Elias Calles, Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, Old Lighthouse, 210 spot, Cerritos, Pescadero, Golden Gate

Sea of Cortez - Cabeza Ballena, Chileno, 95 spot, Herradura, San Jose del Cabo, Punta Gorda


BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, rapalas, hoochis, petrolero, green/black, feathers, yoyos

Live bait: caballito, ballyhoos

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.