Monday, August 23, 2010

Latest Fish Report

Pisces Fish Report

August 12th to 20th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 88.4%

BILLFISH: The Pacific side has been the top fishing location as the last couple days our boats have returned with nice catches from that area. One of the best days was on the 19th for the charming Kearns family, from Shropshire, England who fished several days aboard “Rebecca” The 19th was their last day of fishing with us and they were thrilled to release a total of five striped marlin at Gaspareño; they also released a 250 lb blue marlin and a striped marlin on the 14th. “Andrea” had two triple marlin days, one on the 18th for father and son, Randy and Randy Stricklind Jr from Hitchcock, TX at the 180 spot and the other anglers were Paul Robinson, Karmina Mijica and Adam Weber from Los Angeles, CA who had an active day on the 20th releasing three striped marlin at the Golden Gate and boating five dorado and five football size yellow fin tunas. This same day “Rebecca” released three striped marlin between 130 to 200 lbs and kept three yellow fin tuna and three good size dorado in the 35 to 40 lbs class, just above of the Golden Gate area for Robert Lindquist and Lindsay Dralle from Washington, DC – a perfect catch marlin and then lots of great table fish. “C- Rod” was the top boat with most blue marlin catches and they are obviously on a roll, with five out of the eight caught this week attributed to this boat. The biggest blue they caught was released on the 15th and estimated at 700-800 lbs, hooked 18 miles out from La Playita, for Mike Slover and wife Ginger from Austin, Tx who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. After a five hour fight, the blue marlin won and jumped a final time, snapping the line and took off. One day before this David Amesbury and friends from Las Vegas, NV also had a great day releasing three blue marlin caught with a cigarillo lure (yellow underside, orange with black striped on top) at the 11:50 Spot and also caught one dorado. The billfish catches are consistent, as they are similar from the past fish report with seventy percent of our charters catching billfish giving us a total of 35 striped marlin, 8 blue marlin and 1 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were in second place after marlin this week with fifty three percent of boats catching between one and six fish, with some as large as 55 lbs, like the one caught on “Valerie” on a squid color lure and also 50 lbs caught with live bait for Jennifer George and Charles Ramsey from Birmingham, Alabama on the 12th. Most of them were around 35 lbs average and took tigrillo and guacamayo lures; the boats that caught more than two fish were on the pacific side at Gaspareño, Golden Gate, Migriño and even the Finger Banks. Tuna catches were a little slow this week, but we had good size hook ups, like on the 13th for the Amesbury group mentioned above aboard “C-Rod” who boated a 130 lbs yellow fin twenty seven miles out of Cerro Blanco on cedar plugs. The next day “Valerie” caught a 100 lb tuna also on a cedar plug at the 11:50 Spot for Shane Sauman and Terry Cashion from Knoxville, TN and friend Dan Moore from Florida. Only twelve percent of our boats catch yellow fin tuna. Some 40 lbs wahoo here and there like the one caught on 20th on “Yahoo” for Michael and Michelle Fennegan from Texas who also caught four dorado at Elias Calles; all took guacamayo and green and black lures. Ginger Slover was the only angler who caught a different fish, with a 128 lbs pilot shark on the 15th.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: A mix of sunny hot days with some cloudy and humidity. More calm seas at the Pacific meaning boats can finally fish there again, but many are not bothering to go at Sea of Cortez as is still good fishing between the 95 and 11:50 Spot. Seas calm on the Sea of Cortez but with a big swell early in the report with a little rain one day

LOCATION: Sea of Cortez: 95 spot, 11.50 spot, Cerro Blanco. Pacific Side: Gaspareño, Finger Bank, Moros Prietos, Golden Gate, Migriño


BEST LURES; Tigrillo, feathers, squid colors, cedar plugs, petrolero, red/black, blue/white, green/black, green/yellow, guacamaya (orange/green/yellow). For live bait was caballito and mullet.

Based on the catches of Ale Almada in Tracy’s absence.