Sunday, February 05, 2012


January 28 to February 3rd, 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate for All Species Combined 72%

Does this lady look happy or what? Mary Jo Bower, from Pennsylvania, released a striped marlin aboard Valerie, she was one of our top anglers this week.

It's O.K fishy don't worry, Ernesto (the deckhand) is not going to kiss you....we will let you go in a second after we get the photo with angler Edmund Metzgar...warmer here than Williamsport Pennsylvania, right Edmund?
BILLFISH: Fishing seasons are certainly hard to predict right now, but with only a few anglers in town and the moon getting bigger every night, it wasn’t that surprising that we only had a catch rate of eighteen percent for billfish this week. Anglers of the week were Maurice & Mary Jo Bower, fishing with Edmund Metzgar from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They were out on February 1st aboard “Valerie” and did very well to release three striped marlin ranging from 100 to 150 lbs at the Golden Gate, caught on a combination of live mackerel and caballito. This same day Liz Fedora from Manhasset, New York released two marlin in the 100 to 130 lb class 35 miles out from the Old Lighthouse; both fish took live bait. January 28th was also a pretty good day with “Fearless” getting two marlin in the complete opposite direction at Destilderas for Mike Robert from Fort Mill, South Carolina fishing with Keith Buettner from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. “Andrea” also fished this same area and was able to release two striped marlin for Kevin McAlpin and Ashley Keessar from Canada. Basically marlin were found both on the Pacific and Cortez side but not in great numbers and a key to getting a hook up was having fresh live bait.
OTHER SPECIES: For sheer numbers yellow fin tuna was the most plentiful fish this week giving us a total count of seventy nine fish. Catches were good, if you went a really long way though. “Bill Collector” did just this going 47 miles out with Philip Carter, from Stamford, Connecticut aboard; they had success though, catching twenty seven tuna on a combination of cedar plugs and lures. Weights are not that big though at 8 to 20 lbs. “Tracy Ann” had a decent catch too, with seventeen up to 25 lbs, 40 miles out from Cerro Blanco. Twenty percent of charters caught tuna with catches ranging from 8 to 20 plus fish. Dorado catches were also at twenty percent, but when found the numbers were lesser, in fact no more than three fish. Inshore there were plenty of skipjacks as well as some smallish red snappers, sierras a few roosterfish and bonita.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Seas mostly calm, skies partly cloudy.

LOCATION:Destiladeras, 25 to 46 miles out from Lighthouse and Cerro Blanco as well as the 210 and 230 spot, Punta Gorda, Golden Gate, San Jaime.


BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, green.

Two Of Our Most Popular Boats

Pictured below are two of our most popular boats the Rebecca & Valerie, both are Bertrams, very sea-worthy, reliable boats, with hulls that can live forever.  You don't have to fish on a fancy, new or modern boat, these do just fine and produce a lot of fish, as the flags attest to, plus they are great value for money. This is what a regular afternoon looks like in our world. This photo was snapped as clients disembarked and you can see Captain Roberto waving goodbye on the far right.