Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Time Angler Spoilt for Life

Adam Damini from Pittsburgh had never been fishing before in his life.....we are talking not even a river, lake or stream, but today he was fishing with his friend Roger Young from Conneticut, just three miles off of Los Arcos when a large marlin assaulted a green/yellow lure being dragged by "La Brisa", after a considerable battle they got what ended up being an approx 500 lb blue marlin aboard, but wait, there's more......they also caught 18 dorado and released seven.  So now he thinks it will always be like this...pressure is on for us. Shown in the photo is Adam with captain Rey Winkler on the left and deckhand Salvador Flores on the right.

Free Upgrade Pays Off

Some people are just lucky. Such was the case of  Bill Spiteri from San Bruno, Ca. He had booked 28 ft Adriana, but seeing as there were still some last minute details that needed attention after being out of the water for five months undergoing a full renovation/re-build, he was given an upgrade to 31 ft Ruthless. He and buddy Bob Cameron had a great time reeling in twelve dorado and to top it off they caught a nice 38 lb wahoo, caught on an orange rapala. Captain Leon Camacho (far right) on Ruthless if our top wahoo captain.....nice photo, reminds us we all need a bit of rest and relaxtion sometimes. Also shown 1st on left is deckhand Beto Lira.

Great To See Old Friends

We can't really remember how long Paul Ryan (tall guy with beard) has been fishing with us...but we remember his hair used to be dark.....just kidding. Paul visits  Cabo every year and a trip out fishing with Captain Enrique is a tradition for him. Paul is from Denver and fished with Noah Nash from Salido,  Colorado. In the foreground on the left is deckhand Fernando and just peeping over from the back is captain Enrique "Kikon" Martinez. They fished off of Las Margaritas and caught and caught 6 dorado between 15 and 25 lbs.

Dorado Are The Top Game Right Now

Dorado have been thick off of Cabo for the last few weeks. The rain last week, briefly brought on by Tropical Storm Georgette, did wash some debris into the ocean which they love to congregate under, making them easier to find and catch. Weights range from 15 to 50 lbs. Pictured her Mia Narita, a queen amongst the guys....only girl aboard "Andrea", shown here with Joe Littleton, James Harris & David Delgado from Ramona, California. This crew caught nine dorado at Pozo de Cota.