Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Time Angler Spoilt for Life

Adam Damini from Pittsburgh had never been fishing before in his life.....we are talking not even a river, lake or stream, but today he was fishing with his friend Roger Young from Conneticut, just three miles off of Los Arcos when a large marlin assaulted a green/yellow lure being dragged by "La Brisa", after a considerable battle they got what ended up being an approx 500 lb blue marlin aboard, but wait, there's more......they also caught 18 dorado and released seven.  So now he thinks it will always be like this...pressure is on for us. Shown in the photo is Adam with captain Rey Winkler on the left and deckhand Salvador Flores on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful fish! He is spoiled for life!!!! They call it fishing not catching for a reason. I'd imagine he worked his butt off to reel it in though!