Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick Rig video

This is a new tool that we are implementing on some of our Pisces boats, to enable the crew to rig bait more quickly and effectively for use with a circle hook.
The advantage to the way bait are rigged in this way is the freedom of movement, resulting in a bait that swims naturally.

Tropical Storm Julio

A lot of you have contacted us concerned about the tropical weather that approached Baja today.
Tropical storm Julio brought rain on Saturday night, some rain on Sunday morning and winds that gusted to about 30 mph, for about half an hour. Seas were rough, with whitecaps and swells. The port was closed for the day, but as we end Sunday, there is no rain, skies are partially cloudy and seas are almost back to normal. We appreciated the much needed rain and cooler temperatures. Below is a short clip of what it look like from the Pacific side, half a mile from the Old Lighthouse.

Meet Juan and Francisco, Pisces staff

In this photo Pisces staffers, Juan and Francisco are seen. Francisco is the Tae Kwon Do expert (black belt)in the white suit and Juan is holding the practice kick paddle. They are training for how to deal with customers who complain about not catching any fish.......just kidding.....

At Pisces we like to know all about who are team are and what they are hobbies are. We encourage staff to share their interests and invite others to join them.

Tae kwon do, is a very popular sport in Mexico. Although it originated in Korea, Mexico are the best in the world at this sport. The only two gold medals we won in the Bejing Olympics were for this sport, first place men and women.