Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wouldn't you have liked this to be your 16th Bday?

We are always thrilled to hear when people have a good experience with us, especially when we can help fulfill  a young person's dream, with a memorable experience.

We received this letter from Judy Marshall who brought her 16 year old grandson Nick, down to Cabo for the ultimate fishing adventure.

Below are Judy's comments which really made us feel good, especially in regard to our crews

"Hi just wanted to let you know how wonderful our experience was with the Pisces fleet, best of all we caught and released 2 marlin. The boat, the excitement of the morning boarding, out to the sea but the very best was wonderful captain Nicholas and his mates, the skill at handling the boat, fishing and making the 2 days we spent with them just the best. Your organization should be proud to have such skilled people as part of the team.  

Thanks for a great vacation and the very best 16th birthday present a young man who loves fishing could possible have sincerely,

Judy Marshall."