Sunday, October 17, 2010

Final Standings Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Last night saw the conclusion of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament and the awards dinner and prize giving ceremony.  As we suspected the day one catches stood firm throughout the tournament producing the following results:

1st Place "Fisherman": not only  for their first day 713 lb black marlin but another 466 lb black marlin on day three -making their status as leaders undeniable and creating a new tournament record for most points earned.
Total winnings $204,764.00
2nd Place "Sneak Attack" for the largest blue marlin at 629 lbs on day one.
Total winnings $101,025.00
3rd Place went to "Rum Running" for first time marlin angler Jason Prudent for a 465 lb blue marlin.
Total winnings $18,500.00

Release Division ended up as follows:
1st Place "Game On" earning them $9250.00
2nd Place "Hang Em High" giving them $5550.00
3rd Place "Alure"  who because of the different jackpots in , for releasing two blue marlin and a stripe ended up with $8897.00

In the smaller game divisions there was quite a bit of action:
1st day tuna prize went to "Retriever" for a 123 lb fish earning them $4247.00
2nd day tuna prize went to "Santi" the smallest boat in the tournament (22 ft panga) for a 209 lb fish giving them $4347.00
 3rd day tuna went to "Blue Marlin" for a 125 lb fish, plus day 1 release jackpot giving them $9545.00

Wahoo Division:
1st & 3rd went to "High Risk" for a 52.1 & 41 lb fish respectively, giving them $8695.00
2nd went to "Chupacabra" for a 50.90 fishi earning them $4247.00

Dorado Divsion:
Only one qualifying dorado was weighing in at 41.7 lbs for "Bullrider" giving them $13,043.00 (all three days).
The hook up rate was very good in this tournament at 79%.

The Bisbee Offshore is currently underway, a warm-up for the main event that starts on Wednesday.
"Bad Company" is the current leader with a 490 lb fish on day one, followed by "Shambala" with a 307 lb'er.