Saturday, February 09, 2013

John R, Please Contact Us

John R, you left us a comment in regard to the massive marlin. Please send us your phone number or email to so that we can get your opinion. We related the story as told to us by the captain - we would love to talk to you.

Two Marlin Same Time, Different Directions.....What do we Do?


Dave Nolt from Lone Tree, Colorado, didn't have anbody to go fishing with so we teamed him up with C.J Jones another single angler looking for a partner to charter a boat. They ended up going out on Pisces La Brisa on Feb is what happened in their own words:
"Hi Oscar, Dave wanted me to send this in hopes you found it worthy of posting on your blog!!  I wasn't sure how many yards of line on a spool.... Dave guessed 500 or 600.Caught and released 4 marlin. A double hook up with one going east and the other going west. Both spools were on their last thread (600  yards of fishing line about to snap in both directions) the first mate grabbed a buoy, tied it to Daves pole and threw the pole over his marlin is swimming away with pole and buoy attached. Captain then headed toward CJ's marlin while CJ reeled in all that line.... 30 minutes caught and released. Then La Brisa (the boat) full speed back 3 miles, found the buoy....used a gaff to pull back our rod and Dave reeled him in.... exciting to say the very least. Both fish released safely".