Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Roundup of Today, Fishing, Yachting, Moon?

Today was a beautiful and pefect Baja day, clear sunny skies, calm seas and the smart people were here in Cabo enjoying themselves. Here are some photos from today, explaining a little about our lives.
Michelle Gottstein from Gardner Kansas caught this spectacular yellowtail aboard Andrea; this is one of the best eating fish around.

Rick Miller from Belton Texas, went out on a panga and caught both yellowtail and sierra.
These guys from New York did not go fishing but signed up for a cruise aboard Fearless Jr. looks like the captain let them drive the boat....their faces say it all.
Wahoo caught aboard Tracy Ann, shown here with his prize is Curtis King from Washington State.
Hands down Tracy Ann was our top boat today; they released two striped marlin plus the wahoo above out from the Jaime Bank - shown here are Ryan Hoeimer, Karl Pool, Curtis King, Captain Julio deckhands Fernando & Martin...and we are missing one persons name.
If all this great fishing wasn't enough this was the view as we closed the office tonight. What a moon! This photo snapped by my trusty Blackberry.

920 Lb Tuna Caught by Solo Fisherman

Before everybody gets excited, this was not in Cabo in fact it's a species we don't even get here, but we thought this was so impressive that we wanted to share this with you.
 The huge bluefin was caught off of Argus Banks, Bermuda on February 1st by Andrew Card, who unbelieveably only took two hours to get this giant on 80 lb test. The fish was ten feet long and was attacked by sharks, so imagine what it could have weighed.  Andrew was fishing alone so radioed for help from another boat, who helped him get it aboard. A crane was used to hoist it from the boat to the dock.