Saturday, November 20, 2010

One of the Most Compelling Thank You Notes We Have Ever Received

Capt. Fred here: Dear Tracy, I have just completed my 35th year fishing in Cabo San Lucas, this included bring my boat down several times from Californa in the old days. I started off in the old Tortuga Fleet and worked up to the Pisces Fleet. I always have fished a panga with Enrique "Tiliche" Gonzalez for over 17 years and have gotten a lot of fish over the years, even a Blue Marlin. But, I always take a Pisces every year for the larger fish. Last year it was Tuna and a Sailfish. The crews and the office staff have always acted professional in every step of the way, from booking the trip to having the fish cleaned. This year, I talked 3 other couples to come to Cabo to enjoy the fishing experience. On Nov. 9th, we had a once in a life time fishing trip on the Rebeeca with Capt. Jose Alucano and mate Luis Coted. We hooked 9 Striped Marlin and released 8 Marlin and 2 Dorado. I have fished around the world for billfish including the Pacific Rim, Central and South America and this was the best fishing day of my life (I am almost 70). The men on the boat with me had a great time fishing, but do not understand how great a day it was, since this is their first experience at billfishing. I would just like to thank you, your boat crew, the office staff, and the dock crew for the best fishing day in my life.
Capt. Fred van den Broeck, Backdraft Charters, Punta Gorda, Florida . www.backdraft-