Monday, August 13, 2012


Overall Catch Success Rate 97.77%

BILLFISH: Thought last week was good? Well, 2% better overall but when it comes to marlin count, this week was awesome. 75% of the boats returned with at least one marlin released, a total of 95 striped marlin were caught, 93 were released, plus 3 pacific sailfish and a blue marlin released as well.
Catches averaged 1 or 2 striped marlin per boat but you know that’s just not enough for some of our guys, Captain Ricardo Agundez released 4 striped marlin for Jayce McMhahon’s party from Keller TX aboard the Great Escape Jr. On August 5th, Adriana released 5 stripeys for Kieran Meaney from Sydney Australia, and the same day, celebrity Captain Julio Castro released 9 stripeys for Ross Donahue & James Connelly from Spearman, TX, followed by Captain J.R. Alucano aboard the Rebecca with 5 striped marlin for Jim Olstad from Canada. Next day, again Captain Julio gets the catch of the day with 8 striped marlin released for Ron, Elizabeth, Alexandra and Christopher Eckhoff from Irving TX plus 2 20 lbs dorado for a nice supper. Captain Enrique Martinez aboard Adriana released 2 striped marlin and 2 pacific sailfish for Matt Tabbert from Dallas TX. Dr. Rick Walsh released a blue marlin estimated at 350 lbs aboard the Tracy Ann with Captain Julio Castro and mate Martin, these guys are on fire!

OTHER CATCHES: Tuna catch slowed down a little bit by the number of fish caught, still 58% of the boats caught an average of 4 fish. La Brisa with Captain Rey Winkler wins the catch of the week with 19 tunas, 4 striped marlin and 2 dorados for Van, Haddon and Duncan Alford from Lexington KY. Dorado on the other hand was a hoot, 90% of the boats caught at least 2 dorados with an average weight of 18 to 20 lbs, however, 17 year old Landon Tabor from Duluth GA wanted to make it to our Facebook page and landed a very nice 61 lb’er aboard C-Rod with Captain Abel Ramirez.

Stephen Passy's 35lbs Dodo caught aboard the Great Escape Jr, Captain Ricardo Agundez on the left with the white shirt.

LOCATION: Pacific, Migrino, Gaspareno, Margaritas, Golden Gate.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partly cloudy, a bit windy by the end of the week.


BEST LURES: Billfish were mostly caught on live bait (caballito), tunas were more interested on cedar plugs and dorado on yellow, purple and green lures.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro