Monday, November 08, 2010

Latest Fish Report

October 30th to November 5th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 87.72%

BILLFISH: As we had the tuna tournament this week, many of our boats were focusing on the big tuna; which is the reason we saw a decrease on the billfish catch rate; with seventy percent of our boats catching billfish this week – still an excellent percentage anywhere in the world. One of the best days was on November 3rd, when “Andale” did well with eight striped marlin released for Steve Watson and friends from Texas; they also boated twelve dorado at the Golden Gate. “Tracy Ann” also did well this same day with seven striped marlin released for Brent Hooser & his wife from Tyler, TX, who kind of knew what to expect as they had had a warm up session on November 1st when they released five marlin aboard this same boat. We had a couple of blues also on November 3rd, one on board “Adriana” for our client Alexander Apostolopoulos from Athens, Greece; he also released a striped marlin at La Ballena on the Pacific side. David Bick and friends from San Jose, Ca also released a blue marlin aboard “Bill Collector”; they went on to catch a 50 lbs yellow fin tuna for sashimi. On the 4th, Michael Kohl from Tennessee released six striped marlin at Gaspareño aboard “Fearless”; they were also fortunate to catch six dorado between 25 and 30 lbs. On October 31st, Gavin and Linda Clarke, a lovely couple from South Africa, released six striped marlin aboard “Adriana”; the fish took a combination of live bait and tigrillo colors lures. Jeff Kulovitz and Michelle McAfer from Chandler, AZ released six striped marlin aboard “Cabolero” and caught two nice dorado. We had a total of 169 striped marlin, two blues and two sailfish this week. Great numbers and set to climb!

OTHER SPECIES: Billfish were still the top catch this week, leaving dorado in second with forty four percent of our boats catching from one to thirteen fish, with a total of 170 mahi mahi this week. One of the best days was on the 3rd aboard “C-Rod” with a total catch of thirteen dorado between 20 to 25 lbs for George Poppleton and friends from California; they were busy as they also released two striped marlin and caught one yellow fin tuna. On the 5th, “Andrea” did a great job of catching twelve dorado and releasing one striped marlin for a group from Wayne, Indiana. We had better catches of tuna, with twenty four percent of our boats catching between one to fourteen fish- from football size to a 200 pounder. On the 2nd, Bob Barker and Derek Wood from Modesto, CA, out on “C-Rod” caught fourteen yellow fin tuna between 20 and 100 lbs at San Jaime; the fish took a mix of live bait, cedar plugs and blue/white lures. This same day a group from Canada also caught fourteen tuna between the 20 to 80 lbs almost at the same spot, just down from San Jaime, aboard “Cabolero”. A group of friends from Madrid, Spain decided to do a practice day for the Tuna Tournament aboard “Falcon” and they were lucky to catch a 200 lbs tuna; sorry guys that was the wrong day but we bet you had a lot of fun, as they also released four striped marlin at Gaspareño. On the 5th, Zev Hendeles and friends from NY where the first team to weigh a fish during the second day of the tournament with a 150.8 lbs tuna aboard “C-Rod” with captain Abel. A few hours later, “Bill Collector” with David Bick and friends from Arizona brought a 101 lbs tuna to the weigh station. “Shamabala” did great in the tournament for Mike Menas, being the only boat to weigh in three fish over the 100 lbs. The first day with a 133 lbs fish and the second day with a 145 & 149 lbs with a total of winnings of $57,200.00 Congratulations to our captain T.J Dobson!

We had other catches inshore such as rooster fish, wahoo & needle fish.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, seas mostly calm, except for the first day of the tournament was very windy; but we are back to great weather.

LOCATION: Pacific Side - Golden Gate, Lighthouse, Los Arcos, Migriño, Gaspareño, Todos Santos, Cabrillo, La Ballena, Pescadero, Pozo Cota, Elias Calles

Sea of Cortez: Punta Gorda


BEST LURES; Feathers, cedar plugs, tigrillo, petrolero, green, purple, all colors, blue/white, black/blue, red/black, green/yellow, guacamayo, huchis; live bait caballito and ballyhoo

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg

Zev Hendeles and friends from NY where the first team to weigh a fish during the second day of the tournament with a 150.8 lbs tuna aboard “C-Rod”

David Bick and friends from Arizona brought a 101 lbs tuna to the weigh station; they fished aboard "Bill Collector"