Sunday, January 27, 2013


We got this photo from Zach Morrow from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He fished on Pisces Bill Collector with his friends and they were pleased to have caught 14 tuna and 2 doardo before 11.30 - when this happened.
Zach had nothing but admiration for the crew, in his own words  - the dorado had been gaffed and was still attached to the lure, when it thrashed and got off of the gaff  "Here it is! The dorado that hooked the poor first mates foot on the bill collector, that guy was very tough!!! As the dorado was still attached to him spinning and flipping that hook kept ripping more meat from his skin... After it was all done he told us we could still keep fishing!!!! What a crew u have!!!"

A painful lesson to learn and we are sure he will be very careful from now on, though he has gaffed and safely boated over a thousand dorado you always have to keep your guard up....accidents can happen.