Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fulfilling A Dream of a Lifetime

We sometimes take for granted the beautiful place in which we live, Cabo San Lucas  and the bountiful fishing that we experience pretty much year round. However, this letter that we received recently made us reflect on what a fabulous place this is. Below is a moving e-mail from Dave who fished on April 1st:

"As I sit here on my last day in Cabo and read the fishing report I can only  think about how blessed I was to fish with Julio and Martin on April 1st. As a young kid fishing on the pier in Redondo Beach, California in the 60's I would watch the sport fishing boats leave and dream of having the chance to do the same thing in the future. I have had to cancel two all expense paid trips to Cabo for family reasons. Finally I made it down here for the first time. I read the online fishing reports and it apeared that the Tracy Ann with  Julio Castro as the captain was the clear choice for my first attempt to cach a marlin. When I got on the boat Julio asked me what I wanted to fish for, and I said I came to catch a marlin so lets go for the big fish. He and Martin spared no effort as we seen a few  marlin but could not get them to take the bait. Julio pressed on and we were almost 45 miles out. Finally we seen two more marlin and one was hooked up. It was the best fishing experience of my life. To see the marlin jump out of the water was really special. After about a 20 minute fight we got him along side the boat. Martin asked me if I wanted to keep it. I looked at that magnificant, beautiful fish that God created and decided I could not kill such a majestic creature of the sea. It was better to release it so when I come back next year in what may become a yearly ritual. I can have a chance to catch it again only it will have grown bigger by then. I just hope I do not do the same. Thank you Julio and Martin for working your butts off and making my day far exceed my boyhood dreams of leaving the harbor on a big sport fishing boat and returning with the memories of a lifetime. Thanks again to all of the Pisces crew untill next year, good fishing and be safe".

Dave Wilkins, Scottsdale, AZ