Saturday, July 04, 2009

This could be you, catch it, and have it cooked at Captain Tony's

After a really good day of fishing aboard the La Brisa, Shannon Broussard, Curtis Richard, Jamal Arceneaux and Reggie Provost from Texas, were wondering what to do with their catch, so we suggested them to take the fish to Captain Tony's Restaurant, we arranged to clean their fish and have it ready at the restaurant, the guys went back to the hotel and rest a little bit and then came by Tony's, as soon as they got there, the chef prepared the delicious plate you can see in the picture below, well, barely as we took the picture a little bit late, or they were just too hungry and didnt wait for us to take the picture.

The guys at Captain Tony's cook the fish for you for only $5 bucks per person, and they cook it 3 different ways, they have a really great Cilantro Sauce recipe, and the traditional Blackened style, and more recipes to choose from.