Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pisces Fish Report

January 5th TO 11TH, 2013

Overall Catch Success Rate 95.23%

Number at a glance:

Billfish: 57.55% Dorado: 65% Tuna: 57.50%

BILLFISH: Water is warming up, weather is cooling down, its crazy, its Cabo.
Great week for fishing, perfect weather, we had a couple of days that looked cloudy early in the morning but the sky cleared and the sun was shining. This week we had some very nice catches, although most of the clients who came by the office and talked to us were looking strictly for fish to take home, they still ended up catching a few marlin. “Tracy Ann” released 2 stripeys for Duane Kilsdong’s party from Hermiston OR, and they landed 20 yellow fin tunas and 6 dorados. “La Brisa” with Captain Rey Winkler released 3 striped marlins for Greg Cadrain from Alberta Canada, “Valerie” released 4 striped marlin and landed 3 doardos for Tom Lypps also from Canada ties up with “Andrea” with 4 stripeys released for Bruce & Sandra Harder ALSO from Canada, they also landed 2 yellow fin tunas and one dorado. Canda really took the glory this week! A total of 40 striped marlin were caught this week, all of them were released.

OTHER CATCHES: Dorado success rate remains around the same, however the quantity of fish has slowed down a little, with an average of 4 dorados per boat, and a few 2 digit catches like the “Valerie” who takes the Dorado catch of the week with 18 of them for Jason Ellis from Boston, however, the Small Game catch of the week has to go to “Bill Collector” with angler Martha Chisholm from Singer Island, FL, with 10 wahoos, 20 yellow fin tunas and 15 dorados. As for the yellow fin tuna, the increase was amazing, as the water started to warm up, we are catching them by the ton, from an 8% success rate went all the way up to 57%. The catch started slow with one or two fish per boat but by the end of the week the average was 9 fish per boat with some high catches like our friend Martha had.

LOCATION: First half of the week was on the Sea of Cortes side, all the way to Punta Gorda and Palmilla, the other half was straight out from the Arch up to 25-27 miles, Margaritas and Golden Gate Banks.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: A bit cloudy a couple of days for a few hours but mostly sunny.


BEST LURES: Mackarel, dead ballyhoo, assorted lures.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro