Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hurricane Jimena Update #6

Tuesday, September 1st 9.29 am: The photo on the left was taken about 15 minutes ago half a mile from the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific, a point known as Cabo Falso. With the hurricane a little over 160 miles below us. Rain comes and goes, at times very heavy. Winds are not bad at all as seen by the lack of movement of trees in the photo. Waves are quite large. One of our staff has just come back from the marina, where he reported that everything was calm. To be honest, I expected to be feeling rougher weather by now. New updates and photos as we have them will be posted here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates!

Peter Pirolli said...

For those of us who are out of the area, you are now our best source of news Thanks for keeping us informed

spider villainy said...

thanks for the updates keep them coming!