Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Tracy Ann Gets This Anglers Vote

Larry Dunsmoor had a great time on Tracy Ann  recently. He sent us this brief note along with some great pictures, which give you a better idea of how his day went. Not only did he have great fishing but he got to see a large school of dolphins, often an added attraction on Cabo fishing trips. It is amazing to see these fast swimming creatures in their natural environment.

"We spent a day on the Tracy Ann in March, great boat, great crew. I promised Captain Julio some pictures of the marlin he got for us. They are attached. Thanks for your hospitality, and for showing us the wonder and beauty of Baja and its oceans. Please feel free to use any of these pictures on your web site.
Thanks again!"

Larry Dunsmoor
Senior Aquatics Biologist
Klamath Tribes

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