Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bisbee Final Results

So the big event is over and just two qualifying fish were weighed during the three days of fishing.
Largest fish was Mi Novia 375 lbs next was a 305 lb, aboard Extraction, both were blue marlin.
I went down to the marina last night to see the awards, but was kind of surprised as there were no tables or chairs, just a crowd standing around the stage, mixed with the general public. Usually a dinner is laid on for the participants with local dignitaries invited. I heard Wayne Bisbee say " Well we are not having a dinner tonight, because everybody says my food sucks anyway" seeing as there was no place to sit we didn't stay and will wait for the breakdown of the monies to be published hopefully today.

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Anonymous said...

You should be applauded! You have better info than the Bisbee website. Thanks!!