Thursday, September 16, 2010

O.K We Know Who it Belongs To....

The other day our very own Mario Bañaga snapped this picture of this unusual mega yacht.   We posted it on our blog as it was so impressive, but didn't really have information on it.  The yacht is back in Los Cabos now and the owner was spotted disembarking from his dinghey in Puerto Los Cabos the other day with two armed bodyguards in tow...this yacht is too large to dock in either of our marinas so has to stay offshore. Fortunately, our good friend Pete Thomas did some digging and came up with some interesting information which can be seen here but basically it belongs to Russian billionaire businessman Andre Melnichenko who is number 189 on the Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people.  The yacht is 390 feet long and 62 feet wide and is valued at over $300 million. The 2583 square foot master stateroom is surrounded with bomb proof glass. The twin 6000 hp engines cruise at 20 knots and this vessel has a crew of 36. So far we haven't received an invitation to tour the vessel or to dinner, so this may be as close as we get and the yacht will remain a mystery.

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