Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ahem.....The Tuna Tournament is Next Month Ken......

Ken Eberle from The Woodlands, Texas caught this beautiful 260 lb tuna on Tuesday seven miles out from Solmar. The fish took a blue and white trolling lure and took 40 minutes to boat on 80 lb test. Ken was thrilled and called us to tell of his catch, saying he was on the way back.....little did he know that he would be detained by an approximately 350 lb blue marlin on the way in that he successfully released. Not a bad day of fishing....shame he caught this Tuna a month early; this would have definitely been a money fish in next month's Western Outdoor News Tuna Tournment. There have been a LOT of big tuna just click back through out blog posts to see and start researching areas, methods etc to get ready for next month.

Pictured here is Ken Eberle aboard Auriga with his catch and also a photo of the lure that the tuna took.

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