Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Tuna Keep Coming........

The good news is that the big yellowfin tuna keep showing up and with the Tuna Tournament around the corner this bodes well for a great tournament. "Rebecca" did well on tuna yesterday for Paul Koch, a long time Pisces friend and client, who was fishing with Mike and Kevin Page, Nerenda Persand and Jody Akins from West Palm Beach, Florida. They fished 20 miles out from the 150 degree spot and got these two huge tuna as well as a dorado....not only that they tried there hand at a couple of billfish too, catching and releasing a striped marlin and a sailfish. The tuna took green and yellow lures, the other fish caught took like caballito.

The tuna were 180 and 200 lbs.  Shown in photo #1 is the whole group and in photo #2 Captain Jose Ramon Alucano, proudly posing with a fish on the back of his boat, with a fish that weighs a lot more than he does!

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