Friday, November 19, 2010

Did These Guys Have a Great Time or What?

 Steve getting into the spirit of it at Captain Tony's next to our office, best fish tacos and pizzas in town
 Tom  holds his marlin for a few seconds before releasing it.
 The whole group with a nice tuna board Cabolero
Paul was pleased to release a striped marlin too.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at Pisces for an amazing trip last week. We fished 2-days with Leon and Beto on the Ruthless and another day with Rico and his captain (sorry I forgot his name) on the Cabolero. We caught more fish than we could have ever imagined and the boat crew, and office staff (particularly Pam) was great to work with getting our trip arranged, helping with transportation of our fish, our lunches…and YES, thanks for the T-shirts!

We noticed that our group (Dornell, Banks, Hafner) made it into your blogs and that was great to read. I’ve attached some pictures of our trip with each of us celebrating. There is no doubt in our minds that if we return to Cabo again there is no other company we’d fish with! Hopefully we’ll find pictures of ourselves on your wall of fame!

Everyone at Pisces made our trip enjoyable and we want to thank all of you.

PS: Tell Beto never to get rid of his lucky (but bright!) shorts
Paul Dornell
Assistant Director -Public Works Operations
City of Palo Alto

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